The Rolento General Discussion Thread



Rolento - Seeking an Ideal Nation

A former high-ranking officer in the Mad Gear gang, Rolento was an expert in hand-to-hand combat, explosives, small arms and of course, bojutsu. Now he focuses on creating an “ideal nation” where everyone is a soldier day in and out. After learning about a mysterious box from a subordinate, Rolento seeks to secure and destroy the box to show the world that his army is a force to be reckoned with.

Basic Moveset

Link toSuper and Cross Arts

First impressions from Ouroborus


Pandora Trailer


Seth Killian demoing Rolento (IGN)

Seth Killian demoing Rolento (Gamespot)

Rolento Guide by FingerCramp

Will keep updated with gameplay/trailers and all that.

Get hype guys!?!?!?!?




Does the cabbage patch


Bout time.

His cross art is crap though.


Any chance for his wire super to return?


God hope so, it’s one of his trade mark moves.

But he’s looking badass anyway. Cross art could be better though.


Time to chip kill some fools.






Bison as his teammate? One can only hope.


his official partner is Ibuki according to the site


Ibuki? How the hell does that make any sense… lol guess Capcom knows something about Ibuki that no one else does.


They were partners in Pocket Fighters, I believe.


Pocket Fighters eh, that shut me up.


For people who need reasons as to why Ibuki is his partner:
[]They both share a special move. (Kunai)
]They both super jump in games where super jumping is not a universal mechanic. (Rolento in A2 and Ibuki in SSF4)
[]In Pocket Fighter, when Ibuki does an air kunai, she transforms into Rolento.
]Rolento’s default partner in Alpha 3’s dramatic battle mode was Vega, who is nicknamed as the “Spanish Ninja” implying he has partnered with ninjas before.
That’s how I see it, anyway.


Ibuki just wants Rolento’s dick, that’s all.


Yup sounds logical to me.



I knew they weren’t gonna give him trip wire. It being a cinematic, I can’t see how the game would have avoided an M rating. Getting hung by piano wire? Nah man.




BOUT FUCKING TIME!!! but yeah, that super art looks way too cartoony for someone like him. now i just need Q to make it in (along with his super taunt) and this will be the perfect SF VS game.