The Rolento Matchup Questions

Hey guys. Long time reader, first time poster here.

I was wondering if anyone out there could give me insight into the Dudley vs Rolento matchup. I’m racking my brain and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to beat his wakeup.

My problem in particular seems to be his Mekong Delta Attack (The one where he backflips and then rolls). The EX version seems fully invincible to attacks and grabs (I sure hope I’m wrong on this one).
He lands very far away from Dudley after the attack that i cannot find a normal or special fast enough to punish it.
Now all the frame data says the EX is -10 on block. Dudleys U1 should be 8 frames of startup but i can’t get it to connect. I’ve even tried EX ducking straight (5 frames startup i think, if you do it at the earliest).
His other wakeup options are still good but they have some weaknesses. But this damned fliproll seems too good at the moment.

How do you guys handle that character and does anyone have insight on my little problem?

You can OS his back flip with almost any OS that you normally use for back dashes as long as it’s one that hits people in the air.
For example, I normally use any os into U2, the chain cr.lp, os, or I just do delayed f.fp.
All of these catch his back flip and his back dash and juggle for big damage.

Keep in mind however that f.fp whiffs on crouching Rolento and as of 1.4 his ex roll back into overhead now has 10f of strike invincibility during the roll.
So if he does this, he can roll and make you whiff and then overhead you. :frowning:
So as with most things dudley, you have to make a hard read.

Also, as of 1.4 his the ex roll attack after the back flip is only -5 on block so you pretty much can’t punish it.

This match up used to be advantage dudley but now thanks to these changes and cr.lp xx ex recka, u1 I think it’s either even or in Rolento’s favor.