The Rolento Moveset/Application/Frame Data Thread



This thread will cover Rolento’s moveset, from normals to specials to supers, and how to utilize them in battle.

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Don’t you mean the “standing jab into rekka” thread?


crossup jump pogo reverses directions for follow up hop. I.E. crossup pogo, hold forward to jump back, neutral for straight up, hold back to jump same direction.


It goes without saying that his go to cross up is j MK, but jumping MP/HP and HK ‘seemingly’ all cross up with specific spacing (perhaps even character specific) a-la Fei Long’s j MP. A master Rolento will be extremely ambiguous with the right jump ins.


Only when he doesn’t have full meter. When he does, it’s straight up standing jab into Cross Art for 50% damage.


This might help:


Here what I have so far


EX Pat. (it works but stupid to waste meter for it)

Pokes with a bit of frame data

                   Hit / Block

St.LP +6 / +2
St.HP +0 / -5 (best used at far range)
St.MK +3 / -1 (Mid-Range and not punishable)
St.HK +1 / +1 (best poke Rolento has IMO)
Cr.LP +8 / +4
Cr.MK +1 / -3

Cr.HK sweep / - 9 (Similar to Rose’s slide & doesn’t slide under fireballs :frowning: )

Anyways feel free to agree or disagree, if you happen to disagree please explain why


Data for most of his normals. lmk if you want specific special moves and such


I have a question about Rolento’s c.MK. Am I right in saying that because his s.LP is +6 on block, and c.MK is 6 frame start-up, that going from s.LP strings to c.MK is a one frame link?

It feels more like two frames.


cr.MK is +1 on hit
st.LP has 4 frame startup

you can’t go from to st.lp unless you get a counter hit


I’m talking about the other way round. From s.LP to c.MK.


oh ok
well we have to clarify that
st.LP (the far version) is +6 ON HIT not on block (its +2 on block) so yes you can

I mostly feel that most links are A LOT easier to do in SFxT than AE


this is wrong ! how come Cr. LK is +2 on hit with 4 frames startup and you can still link it into it.