The Rolento thread "Mission Complete!"


This is likely to be the strongest new character of the 4 so far announced, his playstyle could wreck havoc in Ultra. I also think in the long run he will get the most play, so here is a thread to discuss him. How do u think he will translate into Ultra?




Weird. Thought I clicked on the Poison thread for a second.


Daigo is apparently switching over to him.


I doubt he will switch over to Rolento with the buffs Ryu is getting. Do you know how much it will benefit him? btw he may or may not be the best character.


Just a prediction, anything is possible. That Daigo would consider switching means that Rolento is looking to be at the very least a tournament viable character. I don’t know if Elena, Poison (who F champ said is really bad), or Hugo will be.


Unless they make Rolento play more like his Alpha counterpart, I have zero interest in playing him. His SFxT form feels more similar to Fei Long as opposed to the highly mobile and active Rolento that he used to be.


^That’s disappointing, I haven’t played SFxT so I’m thinking of his insanely mobile Alpha version.


Rolento in SFxT has one of the best mobilities and escape options and other than having godlike normals, I dont quite see how he would resemble Fei, unless you consider -5 on block rekka’s with absolutely no pushback to be an awesome pressure tool

I feel like depending on how much they de-emphasize oki play in USF4 compared to AE will decide who the new strongest character is - If they keep the whole oki business as strong as it is, then Hugo will probably have some fucked up option select which will cover every escape option as well as be a safejump against most of the cast and possibly loop back into itself if he keeps all his SFxT tools, not to mention he will just have some disgusting mixup potential even without such universal option selects. If they emphasize the footsie game more somehow (might be why they nerfed Fei in advance really, they probably thought that with knockdowns getting less of a chance to shine and footsies becoming more important, he might be a little too dominant) then Rolento will probably be the strongest of the new characters.


His effective mobility is actually pretty poor. He has decent defensive mobility, but offensively, he’s pretty linear in his tool sets. Pogo stick gimmicks don’t work on good players, so Rolento is more-or-less forced to stay on the ground and play the footsies game.

In Alpha2 and 3, he’s allowed to be extremely offensively mobile while having a strong ground game. He better resembles Vega in ST, with no wall dive game.


I dont quite see the problem with that, having solid footsies and great defense AS WELL as great offensive mobility sounds like another Cammy/AE Yun/Akuma in the making and I’m sure nobody wants that. Him being a footsie/defensive character is perfect IMO, we have more than enough vortex and mixup characters as it is.


Someone say Akuma?


Well Cammy is still the bullshit queen in AE if you ask me


Akuma’s a queen. That bow is FABULOUUUUUS.


Difference being his damage wasn’t that fantastic, and unlike Akuma, he can’t keep you in the vortex using hard knockdowns. Thus he wasn’t that hard to deal with.


Man why must akuma be brought up in every thread. Leave that demon bastard out of threads.

When did champ say Elena and poison will be bad?


I wonder, if the knife is gonna causing a glitch again and, who his rival will be?

Also I want a quote for the thread title, his “mission complete”.


I imagine Hugo/Rolento will have Guy/Cody as rivals.


I don’t remember if he said Elena was bad, but in one of his streams he said ‘Poison is ass’. Obviously if she is really that bad, I’m she won’t end up that way in Ultra.


I still don’t understand why people are all assuming Rolento is going to be S or A tier off the bat. o_O Hmm people said the samething about Vergil, so I guess…

I don’t know much about SF storyline, but wouldn’t Guile and Rolento be rivals?