The RoydsStick.Ex: Interchangable button layouts!

Anybody besides me planning on snatching up one of these? Looks like Sanwa/Seimitsu parts, button layout changable from VF/SNK style arch to SF/Tekken layout in a simple snap…looks like an awesome stick choice to me… :wgrin:

Yeah, I just recently read about this stick too. The more I read the more I want to try and pick one up. Do you have anymore info about the parts or where I could pick one up?

That name is pretty funny. like " ‘roid stick’ " I wonder if it is a pain in the ass to use.

You took my joke, hah. I was going to say something along the lines of, “I have roids!”. :looney:

Would have been cool if the stick was swapable too :sad:

I’m guessing the hidden layout that they got planned next is a straight across (American) layout?

whoa damn. doesn’t looks like it has real Sanwas and seimitsus though.

btw, bottom of the page says “Try Erectronics Japan”

“Because “arcade feeling” is actualized, using the same part as the arcade to the part of the section! Because this already is essential condition of the joystick, compromise is not permitted.”

That’s what babelfish had to say about the last part. Sounds like it’s saying it uses the same brands as arcade machines, but I’m not sure. Or maybe it means that the button layout will be the same as the arcade. shrugs

And the name is hilariously annoying for me too. It keeps reminding me of C-Royd, a well-known Toronto player.


lots of sticks say the use real arcade parts, so i’ll not be too quick to believe this. (HFS2 version1 for example, and Hori fighting Stick SS.)

anyway, there’s a pic in there with microswitches from the stick. ever seen anything like that in real sticks? they could be Matsushita lever switches, but the prongs are not in the same position as the LS 32. the shaft doesn’t look fat enough to be a Seimitsu either.

in any case, this should be a real easy button mod.

wow. that gave me an idea :slight_smile: the way the box is setup, it be very to duplicate the design into a custom stick.

one of the more experienced builders could do this i think. though the white of the box and design do look slick.

looks nice… if it does have a semi stick and is an easy button mod… i’d pick one up prob.

i doubt the stick is any good, but the concept is brilliant.

i wonder if our own stick builders will take notice and devise a way to do this (or something similar)…

Hey leaveal, this is basically the concept of your new design (besides obviously mini mini mini). After I seen your thread I had a lot of ideas as to how the DB15 could be used to create an interchangable stick, with a few design changes your stick could end up similar to that.

yeah. funny how an actual company beat me to it. they still haven’t made the stick interchangeable though :smiley:

Here’s some shots of the inside:

I think that proves this ain’t Sanwa or Seimitsu.

But I still like the concept, but I’ll be happy with my HRAP.

Looks like you can desolder the buttons and add whatever you want, but replacing the stick may be a lil tricky. There’s always the posibility that a Sanwa or Seimitsu stick won’t fit though.

I’m confused though- does the stick come with the additional button layout or you have to buy it? I don’t think I play enough Melty Blood or Soul Calibur to warrent the other layout :sweat:

I’m not so sure we can make a judgment about what the stick and buttons are since we didn’t get a good look at either.

good stuff @ inside pics.

the stick is definitely not any Sanwa or Seimitsu i’ve seen. those switch levers are enough proof.

the buttons could be Seimitsus. i’ve never seen Sanwa button prongs that short.

either way it could be a good stick. the psx namco stick is definitely not sanwa/seimitsu but it’s great anyway. same thing with a stock green goblin, and the famous ascii sticks. it could be cool if you could purchase everything seperately, so if you had one, but maybe the buttons or stick started getting a little flaky, you could just buy a new capcom layout or a new base. i dunno, the design/concept is gold though.

Any word on where to order this and the other button layouts? Definitely going to pick one of these up.