The Rumble Fish 2

Does anybody know of Rumble fish 2? I wanted to purchase it only to find out that it didn’t make it to the U.S.(that *&@# sucks). But anyway how is the original? should i get it or should i just forget the entire franchise all together?

I know there’s a way to purchase the 2nd one japanese, but i’m not modifing my ps2 for one game. Damn i really want this game though, what the hell should i do??


rumblefish 1 is not worth a purchase. and there’s no other way to get it legally other than importing. besides, i don’t even think RF2 came out on ps2 in japan yet.

The only way to get RF2 is to buy the arcade board. It will never come out on ps2.

its been over a year and i still want my rf2 on ps2 dammit

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Damn seriously, why’s that? I’ve been holding off on getting RF1 for the PS2 cause I figured 2 would be out eventually. :sad:

Haha its like waiting for Duke Nukem Forever…neva gona happen.

What the! Did the orginal port not sell well or something (I bought it)? I would have thought RF2 was a shoe in for a PS2 port. I don’t think too much extra work would really be needed either, as it appears the basic engine is the same. Some of those new characters looked pretty cool too.

I might have to go write Dimps & Sega a letter on this one.

which is a shame as I loves me some RF2

Yeah the game has been in limbo for god knows how long now, really wish it had a port already.


RF2 getting a concole release probably has less than a 5% chance of happening. I mean, look at the FIRST port. It took SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo long that they put some RF2 characters into RF1!!!


people r bashin the game so f it too.

Omg this sucks, no rf2 on ps2? what the hell are they thinking? U know what, i think all the people who want this game to come out should write the makers.

From what i’m seeing its doing real well in chinatown(new york, my local arcade hang out), so they need to bring it out already.

garbage rf2 is young padi one use the force.