The Rumble Fish lives: Rumble Fish 2 Nesica update


Years after The Rumble Fish 2 was released in arcades and never saw a console release, DIMPS seems to have something planned for this IP.

It begins with a Twitter account for the character Garnet.
Because TRF was never a really big hit, I’m guessing that they aren’t just going to be relaunching the property as a bunch of pachinko/pachislot games… but who knows because lol japan


for the love of god, i want a port of TRF2 so badly, i really belive that the game has the potential of getting a solid following if dimps is willing to invest some love for it aka pulling it on SBO if they decide to make a true sequel for the game


If anything this means Sega’s being smart and are porting both games to NESiCA X Live. This could also mean that a XBLA/PSN version is coming too. But don’t invest stock in option 2. Option 1 is where it’s at and is the logical answer. Option 1 did wonders for Power Instinct 5 and not so much for Daemon Bride AG like I wish it would’ve.


My God.
May something GOOD come out of this.


No, this is the exact opposite of that with regards to Sega.
DIMPS has reclaimed the IP from Sega.


Fuck me sideways with a drill bit attached to a washing machine I would be happiest son of a bitch on this forum if we could get TRF2, it’s such an underrated and amazing game. It didn’t deserve to fucking die out the way it did.


I’ve always wanted to try a Rumble Fish game. I got access to the first one on my PS2, but the disc decided that it wanted to be corrupt before I could play it.
TRF always seemed like it would be fun.


I worked close to Chinatown Fair when the game had dropped and I played it quite seriously for a good year before it just disappeared from the radar. I really really loved that game, I hope it gets a release somehow!


Old friend of mine actually has a PCB that he uses with his SuperGun hook-up so that we could play this game. Gooood times…

But yeah, good to hear that Dimps has their own series back. Will they try to self-publish a RF3 now?


Man you dicks got me excited it was a adaption of

Hopefully at this this game is not ass.


Part 2 was fun, had a lot of good ideas.
But damn, the game was buggy as fuck.

If something like a part 3 comes out, I’m willing to check it out.


This news is on the front page of SRK!

Hopefully DIMPS doesn’t go and just re-release TRF1, that’d probably annihilate the franchise for good.


Fuckin’ A! Dimps making a fighter free of Capcom’s influence! Get hype niggas!


Partial translation from Professor of mmcafe:
"According to reports, Dimps is location testing Rumblefish 2 for the NesicaLive in Akihabara Hey starting yesterday. Its balance has been tweaked. An official announcement should be coming today or somewhere very soon. No word on a console port although that wouldn’t be too hard to imagine.

System stuff

  • screen ratio seems to be the same 4:3 as the original. Moves lists are on the side.
  • It’s Nesica card compliant, meaning player data can be saved
  • Survival and Time attack mode can be played using the same input code as the original game (the command is displayed on the screen for convenience’s sake)
  • Fonts used in the victory and intermission scenes have been changed
  • There’s a loading screen and tutorial with a new female character illustration (probably a Probe-Nexus worker)
  • The bosses are unlocked by default
  • The graphical hit effects look more larger/dynamic now
  • The character’s shadows look more blurry than before
  • After the 4th match, there’s a fanservice cutscene that happens by tilting the joystick, at least with Garnet"

So it is indeed a re-release of TRF2, though with minor updates and on a new platform.



Apparently, this is only the first entry in Dimps Rumble Fish revival.


TRF3 in 2013? It’s almost surreal to think that such is even possible now…

Oh yeah, and they’re self-publishing now, right?



Rumble Fish is like the hypest, dopest shitttttt! TRF2 plzzzzzzzz


Oh and I like me over everyone on this site in the game.



Orville and Garnet FTW!