The Rumblefish 2 Side Tourny @ Evo Vegas

Hydra632 and I will be running this tourny sometime during the weekend on the actual gameboard and played on Hydra632’s “Cigarbob” style cabinet with swappable panels.

::Cabinet pics::

$5 Entry( $10 maybe )
Games are 2 out of 3
Double Elimination
Winner must keep character, loser may change character
Beatrice Allowed

This is just for basic info right now. Further details will be edited into this post.

Any questions or comments please post up and get hype.

:wonder: :wonder:

FOR Shizzle…

See you all there.

Rocks from the ceiling ftw.

Should be fun.

Yeah, you know I’m there.

im most likely going if i do im in
yall are gonna see how broken orville is

There fo sho~!


Well it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to get my cabinet to Evo due to circumstances out of my control but I’ll definitely have my consolized atomiswave with the modded Green goblins there for RF2 play.