The Rumblefish 2 thread that CF built

…for the 5 people that care about this game. :clap:

Actually RF2 is not bad at all so if you’re in the metro area gogogogo!

If Japan was any indication, Justin is gonna be all over that shit.


Now I have a legit reason to go to CTF next month outside of T5. =/

Okay. Gots to go check this shit out.

Arcade where I live has RF2, I never played it but i see a good amount of people playing, is it a good game? I just bought T5 yesterday so I’m a bit hooked on that, similarities between the two?

Here, some TRF2 matches:

Great stuff. And looks gorgeous too.

All I have to say is …

finally they got rid of the Tekken 4! No one played it anyway!

So now you can play TRF2 right next to MvC2! Woo, or something.

now i gotta go there

from the videos, the game looks cool.

i need to play this. aran gaurd crushed the hell out of the big guy.

This game needs to hit consoles already!!

Dimps has ex-members from SNK (part of the Garou/Last Blade team and part of the KOF98 team), so after fine-tuning the first TRF into this sequel, its no surprise this is a good game…

This game looks fun. Hope there isn’t retarded shit hidden in this game just waiting to be found and abused. Other than that rumblefish for evo 2k6.

Man I was playing this all day today, Kaya is my baby! It only took like an hour to get used to it, after that it was alot of fun. I had like 24 wins with Kaya, in like 3 little 8 win streaks. Mad, mad fun. Can’t wait to go back and play it some more.


Hey Chibi you played in ctf or do they have it at the break too?


Shit is like 1/2 CvS2 and 1/2 #Reloaded. Only not as mind numbingly slow as CvS2 and not as jump happy as #Reloaded.


Definitely looks to play better than the first one, if I can find one here in Van City then I’ll probably check it out.

CvS2: Old and Busted.

T.R.F.2: New Hotness.

Amen, this game easily has me retiring CvS2.

Good ridance.