The rumblefish

any players here? i realise not many places have this game at their disposal, but luckily i do

sooo… whats everyone doing on this game? funky graphics have been sweetening my eyes for the first few games, but now i’m starting to figure things out

i don’t really use Dodge much, or any of its variants. it just doesn’t seem that useful as of yet. also, i still need to check out the guard cancel ability with the D button, a la svc. can’t be as broke as the svc counterpart tho… hopefully…

SP+SK seems a good addition, maybe the rumblefish roman cancel equiv?? it seems only light attacks can be chained afterwards to carry on the combo, but links into fierce attacks seem to be very easy. there is also time to do a small dash in after the SP+SK, in order for the full light attack -> hard attack -> … to connect

LP+LK… oooh. seems like its got mad possibilities. its pretty fast (i’m using zen) and keeps them locked still for a few seconds. it looks like the recipients properties change tho (when hit by it). i don’t think knockdown moves knock down etc… i don’t find myself using it that much when i got other stuff to figure out

anyone figured out ‘gatling combination’ chains yet? there are stronger attacks available (e.g f+SP) but i don’t think they can be chained.

another note… nearly all special moves have MAD lag on the fierce counterparts… it almost seems worthless doing them. MAD MAD lag. i’m not sure if that ‘D’ guard cancel is even needed to punish.

it seems 1 hit otg’s are allowed… okizeme games would be cool here, but i don’t see much in terms of wake up games being implemented here, especially again due to lag on specials.

the defense/offense bar idea is real cool, paired with each respective supers.

errrr… . someone plz play this

ya i play zee game i am zee top tier with zee va va voom no?:smiley:

oh… i see srwilson has ANOTHER account… BAN HIM

LMAO u bum:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I’ve been using Garnet since January. Blatant!

Already have combos and strats against some characters. :slight_smile:

hrmm, Rule uses garnet aswell zak. i can guess why aswell __

i think she gives mai a run for her money

anyhow, char specific combos? you mean vs orville?

No, I just mean how to tackle certain characters. I use the same combo for everyone. :stuck_out_tongue:

Against Orville though, I ususlly try to keep off the ground so I don’t get thrown into combo or anything - so I abuse such moves like 6HP and 412LK_HK (I think it’s those, I always forget - dlayd kick, or overhead kicks…heh).

6HP is excellent on CH - wall bounce then combo; it’s all good. :slight_smile:

I would very much like to learn that strange guy in the shellsuit (name begins with V I think)

But the machine that Rumble Fish is on is just too wack

sadly, thats the truth…

the guy starting with v? i now who you speak of. that guy reminds me of K’… h’s cool tho. he’s got long gatling chains by the looks of it =/

Yeah, from those videos, I figured Viren was just a Kyo clone. Wish we’d hurry the fuck up and get it here.

Do you know if there are any hidden chars at all? 9 just seems like a pretty low number. Perhaps i’ve been spoiled.

sadly, i haven’t been able to find much information at all on rumblefish. not even on .jp sites >_<!

Viren did remind me of a k’ clone at first, but watch his gatling chains involving his chain whip. i guess he has got some of his own style after all =)

does anyone here know any combos for Viren??

does anyone know if there are air combos?? launchers??

bah, gimme one week

air combos do exist in this game, as do launchers. launchers tend to be CH versions of certain special moves, but i haven’t played viren yet so…

If you come to Troc on Saturday i’m guaranteed to be there - will play RF even on shit sticks, my Garnet says tings already. :slight_smile:

Hey, the game sounds awesome especially after reading your guy’s posts and I was wondering if there are any good sites on the game. Ie. fan sites or (hopefully) very detailed strat sites. Any links would be helpful

you see, thats the friggin problem. no-one at all seems to have any info related sites, let alone strategies.

i guess thats why i started this thread

i can’t even find any .jp sites?!?! 0_0!

:smiley: Good news, the arcade here should be getting it within two weeks. If not, i’ll beat the bitch’s ass that told me. :lol:

can’t wait to see a tutorial vid or a combo vid

Hm… Never saw this thread before :stuck_out_tongue:

This game does indeed rock.

CPS_3 will attest to the sheer ridiculous power of the almighty Boyd :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though. If you can land a few Sunny Fingers (Which is easy. Vary between the two for different autoguard times. It’s pretty safe on block I think. You can get a couple of free ones with the defence super if you’re desperate, but its not necessary) his “Shin Shoryuken” style super does fucking RIDICULOUS damage. Like nearly 80-90% max. Fucking mad.

I’ve only played random people who were about as new at it(Someone good would probably screw me up :P) as I was, and thanks to random Sunny Finger/Big Super I’ve lost only about one game total. Effing crazy.

I swear though, if the sticks on that thing were any worse I could probably build better ones with a couple of lolly sticks and a paper clip _

Wait, do they still have it in troc? I was playing Force Five in there a week or 2 ago (Kai is hot - I think that’s her name. haha).