The "Run+LP" sickness

i don’t know why, but i use LP in Fuerte’s Habanero Dashes EVERYTIME. From feints, to tostadas, even backdashes.

It hasn’t really been liable for me so far, but i’d like to know if this mannerism of mine will hurt me in the long run.

Is it ok to use LP in dashes all the time, or do i need to use the other punch buttons in different situations? does using a different punch button in the dash even have a difference?

there is no difference. you can use lp to start your run as much as you want, or a different punch, doesnt matter

ah sweet. thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

yup. all the same. i use medium punch myself, every time. except when i RSF, its LP then.

I use qcf+mp,mp for tostada, qcf+hp,hp for fajita, since I can’t double tap it too fast for the move not to come out.

off topic, but wtf did i get neg repped for posting a reply in here? seriously.

I used to just kind of pick one at random, but I always use lightpunch for my runs ever since I started doing the RSF.

i tried to follow your advise, and it worked wonders! i was a lot quicker between the run and whatever move im going to do because all you need to do is press the button twice. not to mention i’m 100% sure on nailing it after the run.

thanks a lot brainz!