the rushdown

so I started playing sf online recently because it’s not laggy as hell any more, but I’ve found a new trend in sf lately. I haven’t played too competitively because my group of friends really don’t play very well.

everyone I play has mad rush down fever, it’s not really a technical game any more, I mean I shoryukened this guy like 8 times in a match when he was jumping in, and he kept doing it like he was programmed to do so. at some point i was convinced he was gonna try something different, because SF is about mind games isn’t it? but most people really just try to get their game plan implemented rather than just fighting a different opponent and adapting to their styles like back in the day. I dunno, maybe it’s just that the games nowadays are more conducive to rushing down and old school sf was more conducive to turtling. I mean people rush me down in alpha 3. Akuma is a pain in the ass, adon, cammy, sometimes ken.

anyone got any good ideas on how to just destroy these people’s stratedgies so that the come out of cloud nine and back to mind games?

YEAH. keep winning and telling them they suck and their dad gives free bj’s to the males in the choir:wink:

Eh, if they’re winning, then they aren’t going to change, so as cheap as it sounds, the more you win, the more prone they’ll be to changing what they are doing. If they are doing the same thing over and over and losing, the most you can do is offer advice, though a lot of times those players aren’t all that much interested in improving.

thanks for the intelligent response

There’s been a good discussion about something related to this:

Well, as I see it, the rushdown (when done properly) can be quite fun and impressive to watch. In addition, turtling is occasionally written off as boring or cheap. I also know that a lot of people, when playing, love to destroy their opponent and a good way to do that is through a rushdown.

Knocking them out of the air is a perfectly fine tactic to stop them. Perhaps you could rush them down? If they’re as predictable as you say, going on the offense shouldn’t be a problem.

That topic was full of the same old 3S criticism.
These people all seem to think that parrying is as easy as blocking, and there’s a never a time where you can be punished for parrying right? Right…?
And that whole strategy/mix-ups argument is purely semantic. Guy just sounds like another bitter ST vet’ to me.

I find that a good knowledge of a character’s normals is essential for punishing bad rushdown. The only real way to ensure constant victory is to know the game better than them. For example, I’ve gotten to know V-Sodom’s jumping :mp:/:hk: and crouching :hp: very well, since people fucking love to mass jump at me in Alpha 3.
If you’re using V-ISM, it couldn’t hurt to learn a couple anti-air VC’s.

I co sign with Raishin and Kyokuji.

They don’t have to “come down from cloud nine”, they play the way they like. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean they have to conform to you.

Believe me I 100% agree with you there.

sounds like you played some scrubs. the way you make people change is simple, consistently counter them and theyll get tired of getting owned and start playing different, or if they dont then they’re just scrubs.

i used to rush on 3s when i first started. always start with jump MK and random attacks with no breathing >>

let’s get this straight, i’m not raggin on people rushing down all the time. it’s good and effective, but sometimes when you play, and someone doesn’t learn from mistakes, that’s annoying. you know what i’m talking about. I rushdown too, but when I get countered by a huge CC or a level 3 super, I slow my roll about jumping in, or i pause to see if the counter is coming then attack.

All i’m sayin is some peeps online since i guess it’s free don’t really try to learn the game anymore, if they saw quarters missing from their pocket they’d actually think about how they should adjust their stratedgy.

I’m even close to being good, but when you play someone who starts to adjust and then they start beating you, then you start to adjust, and it goes back and forth, then both of you start to get good and sf is fun again and not just a reaction based game. I guess i’m talking about mind games or lack thereof with some newer players online.

They’re just stupid kids.

Unfortunately that’s the penalty for popularity. I remember the early days of online Counterstrike, and they were grand. Fast forward a few years and every server is filled with total dropkicks to the point where they destroyed the game.

Same goes for anything. From Street Fighter to forums like these to anything else you can imagine. Once it turns from a tight-knit group of enthusiasts to mass-market, it brings with it both the good and the bad players (both in skill and personality). Such is life.