The Ryan and Pherai Show


Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well! It’s been great to see the support of 3rd Strike around the world, and we believe it’s time to do our part too.

Pherai has recently relocated to Tokyo, Japan on a soul searching (or gloryhole searching) journey. We had the great idea of starting something 3rd Strike related, and we settled on starting a 3rd Strike stream on! We are still in the early process of deciding what kind of format we will do, but we hope to play 3rd strike (with possible special guests) and have discussions about 3rd Strike.

If anyone has some suggestions for what we should do or focus on, let us know!

We hope to make this a weekly stream.

Follow me at

We have the streaming equipment, but we are still working out the small bugs. I look forward to seeing you guys when we start!


Make sure your streaming setup is solid and both of you can be heard. I remember the podcast you guys did had some audio issues which kinda ruined the otherwise great content. As far as actual content for the stream I’d like to see you guys do more than just play casuals, maybe a section/day dedicated to analyzing some of the japanese 3s footage could be something new and different if done correctly. No idea if watching other people watch match vids is intresting to anybody else, just my 2 cents :smokin: Good luck with the stream doods


suggestions for topics:

fuck bad boy
TFC predictions
have the French players over as special guests
Super Mario Maker expert and super expert levels while drunk
Ryan and Pherai answer questions sent in advance
interview Japanese players who speak English

also make sure you turn the option on where it saves your archives for people to watch later (not sure how you do that)


Things I wanna hear

Helpful Tips to become a great DRUNK Strike player (3RD BEER YA’LL?)

Beers in the frame picture of the camera at all times,
with your favorite Japanese beers and quality picks.

Pherai’s KKZ in the parking lot story and how its even better than Japanese people on the street throwing up over there after only SUPER ART 2-3 BEERS


Who is the biggest fuccboi in 3S?

What does SGGK really stand for?

If you have to play a game other than third strike, why is it that you won’t?

Can Renic be trusted even though he is a ginger?


this is the 3rd strike forum
not the characters in your sig forum.


gl pherai. hope you find what you’re looking for on the other side of the planet.


I just want to watch high level matches. Haven’t seen much new ones in a long time


You should do a segment where we run a set as a sort of “how not to play 3s PSA”


what happened to Dirty music?
good luck with the stream guys.


Thanks man. We will look into the audio issue, but a mixer is expensive. We are doing this just for fun, but hopefully we can upgrade everything eventually.


I’m positive drunk Mario maker would be a hit. That fuckin wii u is overpriced though.


You won’t get that when pherai is involved.

Sorry for the multiple posts. On my phone and shit is difficult.


He played at pre-Coop last year.

Thanks man.


just wanted to say i watched the archive of the test stream and it was pretty good. my only suggestion would be to turn down the game audio because i couldn’t always hear what you were saying and Urien’s unblockables can be a pain in the ass, especially knowing which way to parry towards.


I’d like to hear thoughts from you guys and the Jap players about reaching or approaching their 30s, and how that has made it harder to find time for 3rd strike… on top of dealing with other things such as life, work, marriage and responsibilities. How has each person dealt with it?


The test stream looked great and the only problem was that the in-game audio was a bit high like @pootnannies mentioned.


Pilot episode is done! Check it out on twitch or on my YouTube.

Thanks to all the viewers.


Everything worked just fine on the technical side and the matches were enjoyable aswell. Nice to see that you guys uploaded it on YT with the twitch archives not working for some people properly (me included :sad:). As much as I like seeing the pheraiGOD gouki is there a chance you guys could maybe invite some of the japanese players for some on-stream games in the future? Anyways keep up the good work guys!


good first ep. decent time slot but it was on july 4th. had fun watching and looking forward to future stuff.