The Ryu improvement thread



JUUUUUUUUUST in case capcom decides to buff him a little in dlc. I am not saying he is not powerful, but he is rather lacking as a versus character to me by himself. His fireballs are rather slow which means it is hard for him to outzone. That must be fixed, this guy is one of the OG sf characters and one of THE OG fireball fg characters if not THE OG fireball fg character… Anyway, commencing thread launch… 3…2… 1…

Firstly, his overhead. The shit. IS not even. an overhead. I have no idea what capcom was thinking here but if there is an overhead it needs to actually hit like one. These things are not meant to be blocked low.

A faster fireball, like I said before. Ryu needs to be able to throw these puppies out like nobody’s business, like he has in past games. Yes, some will devolve him into a spammer, but the real players will use it to get in and combo the crap outta the opponent. Possibly a shakunetsu too, slower on startup, but more hits.

I would even suggest bringing back transformation modes, but that would be awkward with Akuma in this. Being ken wouldn’t make much of a difference other than his tatsu and air fireball.

Air dash. He needs to be able to get in there and not be outdone.

That’s about it really for me. Add to this what you feel is needed. If you’re not gonna help with this, don’t say anything.

IF this thread gets any good maybe it can get ported to unity and possibly get noticed by capcom. Ryu is one of the few characters I believe actually needs some improvement in this game; it is very well balanced for a vs title.


With a decent airdash especially if it was attack cancelable (more tatsu shenanigans anyone?), I think that alone would be enough to make Ryu GREAT.

Ryu’s projectile honestly is fine as is. It does a TON of damage and it starts up pretty fast. Granted…Magneto’s projectile is BS though. But Ryu’s Fireball (especially the Light fireball) is GOOD.

Shin Shoryuken should do at least 400k like the other level 3s. I mean, it’s already one of the more situational level 3s given that Ryu has to actually get close to land it. Buff might be a little overkill combined with an airdash though.

Also I would have liked it if Ryu could OTG with something other than Shinku Hadoken. Like, if he could OTG with Shoryuken or even the Overhead, that would be pretty cool.


I don’t think he needs Air Dash but his regular dash could be both faster and longer then give him a double jump and he’d be golden. Oh and yes his ‘overhead’ needs to be an overhead. Do that and let it combo into Donkeykick and Ryu would be a lot more playable.


Someone should actually record that Ryu’s overhead isn’t one. Post vids of it at various sites. It seems like a REALLY silly oversight on Capcom’s part.


Ryu is already a solid character. I don’t think he NEEDS improvements.

But if he were to have improvements, I would make his overhead a real overhead.


his overhead is an overhead what are you guys smoking? The problem with it to me is it should go into launcher and/or a special move like the other characters with an overhead. I think they missed that with him myself seeing everyone else can do this (who has an overhead)

Other factors could be improved but I’m to lazy to list them.


Try Ryus Overhead + Akuma Tatsu Assist (or similar assist). Opens up nice possibilites midscreen and in particularly in corner. I think the overhead does not neccessarily need to combo into other moves of Ryu.


As much as Ryu seems to be ASS at the moment, he’s not bad in terms of being able to do stuff in this game.
He’s not terribly underpowered, just characters like Akuma can do many things better/easier than him.

He still has a 100% safe hyper on block which also serves as a good assist killer. Akuma’s unsafe if blocked.
His air tatsu is arguably better at mixup than Akuma’s, useful when fighting Sent?
Hadoken is quite good in this game.

Other than wanting his overhead (towards :m:) to combo, and dash-cancelling, he’s fine for now.


I like Ryu a lot in this game and I usually hate Shotos. He has a lot more health than Akuma at the expense of offensive options. I wish his beam hyper did more damage since it seems like zoning is his game in MvC3 and Akuma already has a much faster beam hyper, but it’s much safer so I can’t complain too much.


Ryu should get more variety on his hadokens so he can actually be an actual Versus zoning character instead of the wimpy hybrid he is now:

  1. L hadoken has slowest start-up (L hadoken startup is so slow that Ryu can at most fill the screen with 2 and half L hadokens continuously), slowest speed (speed slower than L hadoken in MvC3), but fastest recovery - recovers almost as fast as Guile’s sonic boom in SSF4.

  2. M hadoken has medium start-up (same as L hadoken in MvC3), medium speed (same speed as M hadoken in MvC3), and medium recovery (same recovery as L hadoken in MvC3)

  3. H hadoken gets an animation change to Ryu’s EX hadoken in SF4 and will also have these properties: fastest start-up, fastest speed (speed as fast as Guile’s EX Sonic Boom in SSF4), but slowest recovery (highly punishable if blocked even from within less than mid range).
    H hadoken will now also put opponents into a free falling stage instead of just regular hit stun.

With just these changes, you get a Guile-like zoning approach in MvC3 rather than creating another shoto like Akuma, for example:

  1. Against rush-downs, you will start out with L hadoken to see whether they’ll jump in solo or use assist to go in close.
    L hadoken will also allow Ryu to approach opponents more safely.
    Ryu can move directly after throwing out L hadoken and he can actually move much faster than the L hadoken with wave dashes.

  2. Against zoning characters with heavy beams, once Ryu has taken the upper ground, L hadoken intermixed with M Hadoken will be a great zoning tool since it’s worth about 10 beams that Ryu can cancel anytime to shinku hadoken.

  3. Against keepaway characters with weak beams, Ryu can use H hadoken since it moves almost as fast as beam attacks in MvC3, and has 5 beam HP that will eat away specials like Morrigan’s fireballs or Deadpool’s guns.

I’d rather have more unique character play like this than giving Ryu air dashes and cancellable overheads making him another regular shoto character in Versus games.
By giving Ryu such a variety of hadoken properties, you can get a variety of approaches:

  • combining L hadoken approach and air tatsu.
  • air L hadoken, and then moving under the L hadoken for approaching to stop characters with good jump dash-ins (Magneto, Chun).
  • Filling the screen with M hadoken, L hadoken, and assist projectiles.
  • Approaching with L hadoken and comboing from a hit L hadoken.
  • Hitting with H hadoken both main and assist from further than midscreen, x-factoring, and double wavedashing to combo.
  • Killing Phoenix in the air by using air H hadoken cancelling into shinku hadoken.


I would like it if his air L tatsu was an overhead.


yeah i play keep away the way i apporach Ryu especially when he is necessaryly the strongest of my three point charecters I may rotate in the team lately i’ve been running with


(aka Team Hadoken)


Just saying, that actually would be really broken. That would essentially give Ryu the best “instant overhead” in the game lol.


reduce his damage output give him improve his movement…give him more moves like ken and akuma’s qcb+p roll
ryu style in this game hasn’t improved and changed so much unlike akuma…
if there were a hard knockdown system (( or at least 4 him)) his cross up will be more useful…


Ryu doesn’t need anything at all. Besides wanting a slight buff for Shoryuken, I’m 100% happy with Ryu. But if you wanna buff him, I won’t complain, lol:

–Buff Shoryuken somehow, someway; make it knock down, make it safer on block, make it combo into super, bigger active hitbox, I don’t really care which.
–Give M and H version Hadoukens 6 and 7 durability points, respectively, but probably adjust their startup/recovery slightly to compensate.
–Make the overhead cancellable into super.
–Make Shin Shoryuken do 450+ damage.


Shoryuken can be cancelled into a super
He needs a OTG move thats all and he would be MUCH better then he is now


Ryu is not an underpowered character at all if you judge him as his own character, rather then compare him with Akuma. Is Akuma better? Yes… very much so. Honestly, there is little reason to choose Ryu over Akuma. Only thing Ryu has over Akuma is 100,000 hp, but the life totals in MvC3 seem to be less of an issue in comparison to other games since every character has an ability to dish out 1 million + damage off of a c.l.

But back to Ryu… if you judge him on his own, hes perfectly fine and can be play competitively. An air dash doesn’t really suit him, but they won’t give him one anyways so thats that. His damage output is pretty solid and everyone knows that tatsus are just plain op in this game. His speed is an issue and so is his lack of mix ups, but Ryu has always been a straight forward character. No gimmicks, fancy mix ups, or crazy combos - just basic combos for good amounts of damage + a op tatsu. His lvl 1 hado super is also really good too.

Only thing he would benefit from is a faster moving fireball, as well as faster recovery on the fireball. That might actually give people a reason to choose him over Akuma. That alone would make him a lot better, but it also isn’t necessary to give him anything extra imo. He really is perfectly fine in this game. Chris G uses him and so does Mike Ross and they compete just fine with the poster child.



**Not a huge fan of MvC3 at all, however playing as Ryu, I am absolutely in agreement with this. Ryu as a character through out the entire Marvel vs Series has had the problem with Capcom always thinking that Ryu can somehow play like how he does in his real SF counterpart in a game in which has airdashes, tri-jumps, sj, beams, etc, etc.

They need to simply emphasize on giving Ryu the ability of having “Sagat” like zoning with his projectiles, this would dramatically improve his gameplay already. He doesn’t need an air-dash, simply upgrade his Hadouken’s speed going across the stage and its recovery. With this single upgrade Ryu would now be able to control and effectively have a keep away game that would cause problems to a lot of characters. In his current state, nobody really fears the Hadouken game in MvC3.

The other factor that I would have loved was when first hearing about Ryu’s Shinkuu-Hadouken being controllable I was thinking of Cyclops, if he ever had an upgrade like that Shinkuu-Hadouken would be the Top-Tier Super.

Ryu’s damage is good imo, he could probably also benefit from being slightly faster as well, like equal to his XvsSF counterpart. If you just did that, along with the projectile speed/recovery upgrade, that would be more then enough imo to make Ryu become a significant contender.


Shoryuken xx Shinkuu doesn’t combo unless you cancel while Ryu is on the ground, which can’t be done on reaction to the hit.


Faster fireball and a heelkick for OTG like Dr Dooms otg kick