The Ryu Matchup Thread - Good Ol' Fundamentals

[Work in Progress]

I’m compiling a bunch of information, currently in a wordpad document, I’ll be updating this thread as more information becomes available.

If you’d like something added or have a question post it as a comment or PM me.

Tips against Karin?

I have no idea what to do against fang… His range, frame traps and oki destroy me. I have a hard time playing the neutral because the command dash going under fireballs. When I bait it thye vary the range so I end up whiffing when I try to punish.

What’s the basic gameplay vs. Zangief? I apologize if that’s totally obvious.

Against Zangief s.HK is your best button, use it to knock him out of the sky. Other than that it’s just fireballs. All you need to beat him. If he gets you into the corner you can dash forward back throw him into the corner to switch sides, works great.

Karin I try to bait her dash in thing that goes over fireballs. If you can anticipate it with a neutral jump, press MK as you’re falling down and it will hit her for a full combo even if she’s on the other side. Other than that rush her down, her wake up is weak, bait out her ex DP when you see she has meter.

Having issue against Nash, especially during the crossover and wake up game.

Here’s how you beat Nash.

Go into training mode with Nash as P2. Set all the life and meter bars to normal instead of recover/infinite. Set the dummy to CPU control level 8. Play against him for at least 30 minutes and just learn how to block and punish his moves, you just need more reps, that’s all, and you’ll get a ton of reps really quickly his way.

Tips vs Necalli? not sure how to approach the MU.

I’ve played this matchup a lot, so hope to provide some insight. Your strategy against Fang is to get him into the corner. You do this by staying outside his poke-range and throw HP fireballs. You can also parry his upwards shots, but risky if he predicts it as he can punish you at closer ranges.

When you have him in the corner, he has three main options:
1)Jump in
2)Walk to sweep-range
3)Command dash

Option 1 is ofcourse countered by DP. So
be wary of his jump in when throwing lots of fireballs. You want to keep him there, so be unpredictable with your fireballs. Treat it like Ryu vs Dhalsim in SF4.

Option 2 can be counter by poking him back into the corner by normals or fireballs. Higher levels of Fangs like this option since it is the safest option. AND if it connects, they get out of the corner.

The last option, his command dash is very easy to punish on reaction. It is NOT throw-invincible so throw him back into the corner! Even on reaction!

Lastly, utilising V-Trigger in corner has had some very good results as they really start to hesitate on every approach. And if the fireball hits, you get a knockdown with (mostly) free pressure.

Only throw fireballs if he has no charge. Wait until hes walking forward or switch sides on him. Otherwise his slash will pass through and ruin your day.

Mid range get ready to block low for ground pound.

I havent really worked out to many counter pokes for this MU yet.

If he pops V-trigger… pray.

If you’re referring to Necalli’s V-Skill, that does not hit low.

I’m having the most trouble with Chun and Bison their pressure seem relentless.

Wow really?

I was playing with him and catching people with it. I just assumed it was because they weren’t blocking low.

Good to know.

Karin’s leap attack that she initiated with… Any reliable way to counter it? she just gets free pressure on me right now

Edit: is it a free throw if both hits are blocked?

Edit2: nope.

Edit3: so far m.dp has been my best bet if I’m prepared

Anyone know what to do against birdies command grab? That move is the dumbest thing alive. The only thing I can think of is staying out of range for it. I can prolly dp it if I buffer and bait but not too sure. Advice anyone? He literally just leaps midscreen for free.

You can parry it and use MP DP to punish if you parry the first hit. I say that because it’s easier to parry on reaction then DP. If you try HP DP it will trade with the 2nd hit. If you parry the last hit instead I’m not sure if you can get a bigger punish, I never tested that. I also never tested if a 3-4f attack will beat the 2nd hit if you parry the first hit. If it does then cr. LP, cr. LP, HP SRK at 169 damage would be his best punish. Gotta test it though to see if it works.

I’ve just been using on reaction to bop him out of the air. It’s been working everytime I do it, so I don’t know / have yet to test to see if there is a range it doesn’t work. Might be able to use st.HP instead if you really have an eye for it.

Karin in general has been a consistent pain in my ass, the things I’d love to punish, I can’t either due to it being safe, or because I lack the dexterity to be canceling my LP into Shoryuken / Tatsu.

I’ve been having a fair problem in the Dictator matchup, I feel he just shuts down any of my options and out pokes me and once he’s in its hell. Any advice?

Yeah, that is annoying…

If it’s the one where he jumps from mid, or what feels like mid screen, and just wraps the chain around you…

Only thing I could do, is jump and tatsu out of it.