The Ryu Video Thread

I looked through ever strategy section and saw a vid for the characters…and then I look at Ryu’s(My main char I use) and theirs nothing.So I decided to post one to create a quick archive for all my ryu users out their.
ATM I will post mainstream Ryu users , post some awesome vids you find if you like.

Some great Ryu combos(but I think their stun only):

Japanese Player Shohei

Some Frankie Vids

Not posting much Frankie bcause we see him alot. I wanna see some others personally

**Random fights **

Nommy is pretty good(nAMMIJIN)

Cool Ryu mirror

Thats it to start it off I’ll post some fights I find…and yall do the same

good stuff. the first two links you posted are the same though.


alright i know thats a Jiro video, but just watch at 3:15, jiro has an epic match with an unnamed RYU player. im guessing it’s frankie3s.

good stuff by frankie. always nice to see denjin vs akuma

Those are some nice ryu skills.


i dunno guys… i’m not really too impressed by frankie 3s. it looks like he gets lucky with those denjins. they either don’t try to parry or they just suck at it.

honesty, he plays like me when i’m going easy on my friends. i like the 1st video though. i didn’t know ryu could juggle like that. i’m gonna have to try it, just for fun.


I disagree actually. Frankie3S isn’t afraid to throw the Denjin out there at various times, where as others will try and get that perfect setup. It’s part of his aggressive style, willing to constantly challenge his opponents with Denjin no matter the situation.

Japanese SA3 ryu matches.

That ryu had a nice crossup at 1:15-1:20

More vids! They are too good. Any Ryu SA2 vids?

Well, you’re a scrub. If you played him then you would definitely realize he is a beast.

oldies but goodies.

What a badass.

Nice, was that Vanao? I remember him from the Uriden blog videos.

yeah, I think that was him. He really improved on his denjin set ups.

Anyone Local that we can matchmake? Im Charlotte NC

That’s a nasty ambiguous cross-up he sets up at the end of the last video.

phew okay, sorry if any of these are repeats, just notify me and i’ll remove those that are

well shit. i was only going by what i saw…

and what i saw wasn’t that impressive.

Do you feel confident in assessing how good a player is in a couple videos? I will say that I respect Frankie3s a lot more from having played him, but to say you play like a former SBO contender when you are just dicking around is an arrogant statement to make.