The S Groove Thread

Opening statement:

I know alot of people think S is the weakest and think its a joke…or even underestimate it…And for those peeps a hot ass whoopin is bound to come cause if u can play with any other groove u can with S too…Its all about the player and S has some sick shit to offer if u play it right…So this is for the few who do like the groove…I personally have been coming up with a crazy style with S that I will hopefully be able to post up with some vids online real soon…So post ur opinions and strats good or bad…Post up your teams and what makes ur S style unique…A by the way S on S matches are too good…Try them out in casual play and u’ll see what I mean…Peace…

-Dr.B 9/13/2002

I just wanted to put the real S-Groove thread back up and running…

I have some S groove matches that I will be uploading this week when I get some free time. Everyone continue to post your strats and experiences with S groove…sharing ideas will get the groove better understood and hopefully more used.


I think there’s more S Groove threads than S Groove players now, what was wrong with Buktooth’s thread???

Because of this stupid DR.B vs norcals finest thing. It’s dumb, This is over games people.

actually, this isnt personal at all… at least on my end anyway. the old s-groove thread was a huge dead thread that kept getting bumped for no reason, so like any good mod, i closed it. i was even extra nice and gave that thread a warning and several chances before closing it.

now the new thread has some posts already in it and is off to a decent start, but apparently some people just must have their names on the title of the thread.

and of course, like i’ve done a kazillion times before, there’s already a (insert thread type) thread established. closed.