The S.L.U.T.S. in St. Louis - 5/24/08

Whoops, looks like the original thread got deleted so hopefully this one will stick.

Some of you might know me as “Slips” on other message baords, but its offical, the St. Louis Underground Tournament of Shenanigans is underway. There will be games, there will be women, there will be good times.

MUST BE 18+ TO ATTEND - A stripper show will be held at the event in the evening of this event. The girls will be showing at 11pm. By then we want to have all the tournaments finished up and the winners of the tournaments getting the special treatment. After the show the strippers will stick around for something we are calling ‘lap dance matches,’ which are the same as money matches but instead of giving your opponent the money, you give it to the stripper and she gives the winner a nice juicy lap dances for you scrubbing it out and sucking. =P

After the tourney anyone wanting to head to the strip club afterwards will recieve a free pass to get in for free.

Event will be held MAY 24TH

Registratin starts at 10am

GGXX: Accent Core

Payout for placers
1st 80%
2nd 15%
3rd 5%

Guarenteed $1000 for 1st place for DR.

$5.00 venue fee
$10.00 for all games (except DR, $20.00)

REGISTATIONS starts at 10am

We’re having the tournament at the Ramada Inn next to the airport, a shuttle comes every half hour, so no need to rent any vehicles.

4545 N. Lindbergh Blvd
Bridgeton, MO 63044
Ph. 314 731-2100

If you want a good rate call the desk that your room is for the St. Louis Underground Group on May 24th and they can hook you up with a rate of 59.99 a night.

We’ll be renting out a lounge area for casual games as well before and during the tournament. Anyone that attended Evo2k4 will have an idea as to what this is then. Make sure you bring your own tv’s and systems for casuals as the lounge area just has 1 tv.

There will be some very nice perks as well for EVERYONE. This tournament is called SLUTS for a reason.

Post up if you are interested and/or if you know you are coming.


Still plannin on coming.

Definitely sounds interesting.

Wonder how long this thread will last.

Sounds like easy money for the stripper.

Cool, its back up again :tup: sounds good though str8 up. Lets see wuts good in the next few weeks…

Wonder why this thread got deleted the first time…

So far for tekken I got Antonio and myself coming, but expect a couple more.

I’m not exactly sure why the original thread got deleted, if it does get deleted again (which it really shouldn’t) then I’ll just keep remaking it until they give me a reason. If it does you can always stay posted on TZ cause I have a thread there as well.

and a myspace

To update we will have that executive lounge rented out for everyone the night before and the day of the tournament for casuals. I advise bringing your own tv’s and consoles though, we ourselves will only be providing for the tournament itself. I believe there are already a couple in there already, but the more the better.

Syxx, good to hear yo, tell Antonio I am confused why he is coming as its just free money for me, he should just stay home and be humble. :lol: But yes the more the merrier.


Oh, he already told me he was going to win Tag. :slight_smile:

yo, Im thinking about coming to this… but i’ll be oncall for work. is it worth it to bring my laptop and aircard and have to worry about workin during a tourny? i dont think it’ll ruin my skills- it’ll just screw up rotations if i get called. (wont hurt my skills… cuz chachi can beat me, and well, look at the name of our thread)

jk chach

I’ll be wearing my sluttiest outfit.

I guess Slips didn’t say the strippers were necessarily girls…


You know I’ll be there, Slips. We need to get some T5:DR in. Also, I think the $1000 prize is there because you intend to take first place, haha.

Slutty outfit money matches LOLOL.

Sounds fun!


I’m gonna stomp that boy

Syxx, haha tell Antonio if he beats me in his dreams he better wake-up and apologize. :smiley:

jspot, you can do whatever you want as long as it doesn’t interfere with the tourney.

Chachi, lol yes the strippers will be girls.

Cable, lookin forward to playin ya, I doubt I’ll win the $1000, running and winning is tough stuff to do. :slight_smile:

Ali Vegaz, hope you can make it!

Any questions fellas please let me know.


Any SSBB happening? Even casual is cool…

Chachi- down for a lap dance match in ST?

Chaz- hopefully someone will bring a Wii if they wanna get casuals in SSBB.

possibly me and my squad of scrubs will show up.

sounds like a great time