The S.L.U.T.S. in St. Louis - results

Good games to everyone! :tup:

Tekken results thread can be found here.

3rd Strike
19 entrants

1st: Shekeib (Columbia, MO)
2nd: Shohaib (Columbia, MO)
3rd: Humbag (Champaign, IL)
4th: DC1902 (STL, MO)
tied for 5th: tech that shit (Ohio)
tied for 5th: ghetto on the rise (Indiana)

10 entrants

1st: player (STL, MO)
2nd: lazyswapboy (STL, MO)
3rd: NKI (STL, MO)
4th: ghetto on the rise (Indiana)
tied for 5th: DC1902 (STL, MO)
tied for 5th: dRu84532 (STL, MO)

9 entrants

1st: player (STL, MO)
2nd: DC1902 (STL, MO)
3rd: ghetto on the rise (Indiana)
4th: kinkey21 (STL, MO)
tied for 5th: Rex0r (STL, MO)
tied for 5th: kennywood (Chicago, IL)

Super Turbo
9 entrants

1st: NKI (STL, MO)
2nd: Slips (STL, MO)
3rd: Rex0r (STL, MO)
4th: PacMan (STL / Columbia, MO)
tied for 5th: Antonio Carmona (Wisconsin)
tied for 5th: Humbag (Champaign, IL)

fun tourny!

Had a great time chilling and playing some games.

Ill post full shoutouts a lil later but a special shout out to Slips and NKI for running a great and cough entertaining tourny :slight_smile:

Huge thanks to the St. Louis crew for holding this event! We had a great time, and we look forward to more events in your neighborhood!!!


Rex0r: HUGE shout-out for putting us up for the weekend! It’s people like you that make these out-of-town trips possible for people like us. :tup: I was really impressed when I found out that you’ve only been playing 3rd Strike for a month! Pick someone you really enjoy, and stick with them; you’ll start seeing improvement in no time!

Glen: Shin…fuckin’…sho…ryu…ken. It was cool as hell kickin’ it with you, bro! Nothing beats staying up until 5 in the morning, getting your guts stomped out in ST! lol Seriously, though, it was great to meet you. I hope we can catch up some more at some future tourneys!!!

Indy & Mario: Thanks for making the drive all the way to Champaign, only to get into another car and drive another 2 hours! It always makes long trips easier when there are mad-chill people with you. Indy, you’ve got the drive to learn Urien – that’s half the battle. Just work on some of those tricks and traps, and you’ll do fine! Mario, bro, you’re solid with a number of characters that surprised me! Just feel out who you’re the most comfortable with, and focus on that character for a while!

Dave: Rollin’ up the tourney like a G, yellin’, “Ay, where’re the strippers at?” :rofl: It was cool as shit that you made it out, especially by yourself! Congrats on taking 5th in 3rd Strike, bro! Let me know if you ever want to roll through Champaign; I’ll put you up for your visit!

Josiah: It was great meeting you, bro! You’ve got a nasty Ryu – I had a great time playing the few times we did (that last one was a nail-biter). Great job taking 5th place – I was really impressed with some of your later tourney matches against the top-tier players!

Jeff: This was, I think, the second time I’ve got to kick it with you, but it’s always a pleasure! You have a lot of potential with that Oro, hommie. I can’t wait to see it at the next tourney we meet up at. Also, that was cool as hell of you to supply a Saturn and some old-skool 2D action! Good lookin’, bro!!!

Shekeib & Shohaib: What can I say? You guys are, unquestionably, two of the best players I’ve ever had the honor of playing. I was really happy to finally meet you guys – apparently, what I had been hearing was true :wgrin:. Huge congrats on taking 1st and 2nd! I definitely know who to shoot for from now on!

Scott, Aaron, and the rest of the St. Louis cats: I had a freakin’ blast hanging out with you guys!!! Scott, good call on Growler’s. Next time, though, I think we ought to ask for a server that didn’t just finish learning how to tie his shoes…lol

And, last, and most definitely least…

…James-bag: Thanks again for driving, bro!!! These tourneys wouldn’t be half the fun that they are for me if it weren’t for our goofy-ass road trips!!! Nice job taking 3rd (no pun intended) in 3rd Strike! Also, I’ll get those pictures to you soon.

Special Shout-out:

Max, the original phat-cat: Fat, friendly cat that voluntarily sleeps on top of video game consoles instead of a comfortable cat bed and antagonizes other cats for no apparent reason whatsoever…'nuff said. Best…cat…ever. :pray:

One for Dayton!!! Thats what I want to see. Josiah you make me proud playa!

16 entrants

1st: Lil Majin (Memphis, TN)
2nd: AKA (STL, MO)
3rd: P.R.O. (STL, MO)

Good shit to everyone.

P.S. Who was the tall, black guy owning everyone in 3s with Ryu? DESTROYED me in casuals. Crazy.

lol That was Josiah, a.k.a. Techthatshit :pleased:


Rex: thanks a ton for letting us kick it at your house. Nothing beats going to a tourny well slept. GGs in MvC2, 3s, and ST. See you pretty soon at MWC.

NKI: good shit running the tournys and for destroying me in ST lol.

Sheikeib: great games in 3s. Chun Li really through me off especially if I try to play Dudley vs her. Glad to finally sit down and play you for a good while since the last time we played was the columbia tourny. Your Ken has become a mean mean force. Cya at MWC hopefully!

Shohaib: that loosers finals match was the most fun I have had playing 3s in a long time. Your Yun is flat out scary. Im really glad both you and your brother came out! Hopefully cya both at MWC.

Jeff: good stuff with Oro. Had me sweating bullets a few times. I should came and played some Saturn but I was pretty absorbed in the 3s tourny haha. Always good chattin.

Glen: SHIN-SHORYU-KEN…hahahaha. Too funny haha. Good meeting ya.

Josiah: good shit in 3s. Im liking that Ryu quite a bit! Keep it up dude and see ya at either MWC or Seasons Beatings!

Mario: great games and great times chilling with you this weekend! Car rides are too funny but even funnier is laughing our asses off at Jack in the Box lol.

Indy: great games as well dude. Keep up the Urien and in no time that hard stuff will become second nature. Glad you both made the trip down because traveling in packs is much more fun.

Mike: nothing much to say. You played really good this weekend, like better than what you have done before. We’ll work on those top tier matchups and soon be beating CYK to the ground hehe.

Slips: great tourny, thanks for the eye candy!

Scott: glad you stopped by. Growlers was the shit, I want more of those nachos. More GG this summer!

Aaron, Paul, Travis: fun times at Growlers hahaha. “over 50% of kids in the state of California are without books” haha. See yall soon at MWC hopefully!

Steve: sucks a stick got taken (I think it was yours that got taken correct?) but its always fun as hell to chill with ya. That Alex has MAD potential!

Kenny: glad you came down. Good times hanging out and chillin during the tourny. Im sure you will be wreking fools in cvs come june at MWC!

Dave: always a good time hanging around you dude. Keep up that Ken. I saw you hitting those hit confirms and i saw you doing the motion and hitting the buttons but the damn super just wouldnt come out :frowning: 3s can be a funny game sometimes heh.

Ill probably jump back on here with more but Im stinky and need to take a shower!


James & Mike- I don’t think I’m ever going to forget the discussion at Jack-In-The-Box. Terrifying fast food mascots, strippers that do the Charlie Brown dance and coffee that makes old people do the perculator. LOL. Good games too. Mike your Urien is too good. James great stuff with the Dudley play.

Dave- I see we agree, Alex is just too fat. I’m glad he’s not in SFIV. Oh, and I’ve got your video modulator.

Indy- Good games as always. “What, you wasn’t trying to blow out her candle”, (add random expletive). LOL

Jeff- Great games dude. Awesome Oro.

Josiah- Awesome games. I learned a lot from those casual matches.

Rex- Thanks for having us out. We’ll have to get more 3s in next time. Good stuff.

Max- Puttin Garfield to shame.

Oh. Dude was the fucking truth. I didn’t watch any other tourneys except for Gear and Tek. Hey man, did you ever get on that Vampire Savior? This guy, I forgot his name but he was cool as fuck, brought his Saturn up there and we were on VS and XvsSF/MSHvsSF for a good lil minute.

Yet another cool cat: Jeff. He was the shorter stout black guy that had a brace on his wrist. He used Oro in 3S. Yeah, that guy’s friendly as hell! By the way, can you refresh my memory? Who were you using in 3rd Strike, again? I’m having trouble remembering you because you used a different name at the tourney.


aegis - hell yeah SHIN SHO RYU KEN. SONIC BOOM! (throw) ha ha. very hella tight chillin with ya and yeah, tournies? im there bro. next time we should just chill, all games aside and just kick it. LETS GET DRUNK! hella tight urien btw. relinquish your seat my ass. you kept gettin vortexed. good shit.

humbag - man, i know u enjoyed stayin up as well! I KNOW YOU DID! ADMIT IT! MUH HA HA HA HA! how cool was rex’s cat? i expect to see the pic on here soon. as with mr. mike, we all need to just get drunk and just have fun. dudley = good games.

indy and mario - nice to meet you guys. watchin you guys play 3s was hella tight. i wish i picked the game up. kinda to late for me, but its looks like a tight game.

kenny - only played ya twice, but had a good time playin ya. even tho u hate playin patient, you’ll learn sooner or later it MUST BE DONE! BOO YA!

ghetto - played ya in the winner’s finals and enjoyed playin every minute. too bad rex’s plan didnt work, lol. hope to see you in future tournies.

everyone else - nice to meet you all at S.L.U.T.S! hopefully ill get to see you all at season’s beatings/MWC.

how cool was my dance i got from the stripper? just amazing. :stuck_out_tongue:

was my first cvs2 tourney and had a blast. hope to start traveling to out of town tourneies and enter some cvs2 action.

Yea that’s it, Jeff. Oh nah I didn’t enter 3s. I only came up for the Gear tourney and to support Lil Majin in Tekken. You might’ve saw me wandering around each station or on the saturn. I was the black guy with the black fitted, maroon shirt, and pigtails(couldn’t get braided). I probably would’ve got in 3s but I haven’t really done anything in that game for YEARS. My Remy sucks lol.

I woulda won 3s if I woulda used Twelve. I forgot about playing him…damn…haha.

Once again good shit people.

I feel you, bro. That’d have been dope to see a Remy player, though; the low-tiers were severely under-represented at this tourney. I’ll definitely keep a look-out for you at the next tourney, bro! Maybe by then, I’ll have learned a thing or two in GG, and we can get some matches in! Stay up, hommie!!!

Congrats to all the placers, sounded like a solid tourney!

Big respect to Lil Majin! 1st in DR and AC?!??!?! Talk about a solid player!

Great tourney for the midwest community…

ggs to all

nice meeting all of you and thanks for the lessons in 3s

boo to tekken for hogging all the tvs

I had a great time at this tourney. It was a mind altering experience to say the least. I was just thrilled to get to play some really good players. Josiah is really good in 3s. He was a cool dude to hang with.

It was strange he and Adam beat the rest of us to STL and back. I thought I drove fast.:wtf:

Wnated to give my congrats to Lil Majin for taking the DR tourney. Keep on repping Memphis!

Antonio still schooling suckas in ST… lol. He truly is the most unknown Street Fighter OG.

Humbag, good shit. I know that you and/or Flexo would be up there with the big boys.

Yeah, this tourney was mad hella fun, that it was. :tup: Thanks once again to Slips, Tekkenomics, NKI, & the rest of the STL crew for running this & making it a sweet tourney. :tup:

Lil’ Majin, good shit on taking DR bro. Ur King is fuckin’ solid! :tup:

Congrats to Josiah for getting 5th in 3S. You make me proud bro. :tup:

I for one definately had a blast. Once I have more time, I’m gonna give all my props & shout-outs 2 everyone.

Take it easy & have a good one. Peace. :china: