The S.L.U.T.S. in STL

What up people? Some of you might know me as “Slips” on other message boards, but its offical, the St. Louis Underground Tournament of Shenanigans is underway. There will be games, there will be women, there will be good times.

MUST BE 18+ TO ATTEND A stripper show will be included in the late evening of this event. A possible after party to the event may end up at a strip club as well. So you must be 18+ to attend.

Event will be held MAY 24TH

GG:Accent Core

1st gets 80%
2nd gets 15%
3rd gets 5%

$5.00 venue fee
$10.00 for all games (except DR, $20.00)

DR will have guarenteed $1000 for 1st place.

We’re having the tournament at the Ramada Inn next to the airport, a shuttle comes every half hour, so no need to rent any vehicles.

4545 N. Lindbergh Blvd
Bridgeton, MO 63044
Ph. 314 731-2100

If you want a good rate call the desk that your room is for the St. Louis Underground Group on May 24th and they can hook you up with a rate of 59.99 a night.

There’s a good possibilty that we can rent out a lounge area for casual games as well before and during the tournament.

There will be some very nice perks as well for EVERYONE. This tournament is called SLUTS for a reason. :smiley:

Post up if you are interested and/or if you know you are coming.


Whats the reason for being 18+

Not that it matters to me, just wondering.

Ohh and is this console or arcade?

Yeah y the 18+ thing not a prob here just wanting to know an sounds cool i think i might be able to go

There will be a stripper show in the late evening of the event. There is also a strong possibility that everyone who attends will recieve free passes to the strip club as a sort of ‘after party’ for the event. I’m sorry I should’ve post this in the original post so I will edit. Good questions fellas.

This will be the BEST tourney off the year!!!


nice title! :tup:

It does sound interesting, I think some of the chi-town peeps will plan on this one.

shit son if its like i be sure to bring some extra singles lol

Haha yes tips are appreciated for the girls. The plan is to have the winner of every tournament to have a front row seat for the show, they may get their own lap dance as well. After the show we’re planning to have something we are calling ‘lap dance matches.’ Its just like a money match as in you have a set number you play to, bet a certain amount, but instead of handing over the money to the winner, you hand it over to the stripper and the winner gets a lap dance courtesy of your scrubbiness and being the loser. :smiley:

We figured if we’re gonna call the tourney SLUTS (cause there’s not a whole lot to do in STL, strip clubs is like the only thing we’ve got thats good haha) then we’re gonna take it the idea and run with it. It should be blast for everyone.

I edited the original post with some extra info.



Everyone definitely needs to come to this who doesnt like strippers…!!!

Holy fuck I am there like a fat kid on cake.

Justin you coming to this???

Holy shit Slips thanks for putting this together for the MW.

strippers??? strippers?? strippers…

yeah, i think i’ll just go for marvel…

STL gotta steal my ideas :frowning:

Looks like I’ll be there. :tup:

So when if the winner of the tournament turns out to be gay? Then what…

Does 2nd place get the lap dance?

The lap dance comes to me…

you have likely just planned the fighting game event of the year.

Guaranteed $1000 for DR is pretty serious.

I wish I played Tekken.