The Sacramento (916)- "cuz we hype as S***" Thread!

Please like and share on fb. This is for my monthly events at the library. Check out the pictures of the galleria and tell me if you would like to have a major there.

Jay, Pm’d some minor flyer changes for fancy updates

Yo we should have a player database in that Wordpress.

Yo I want a Virtua Stick High Grade or Eightarc ISO Pearl. Damn I need to get sum money.

Apparently someone is sellin a Virtua Stick High Grade from Sacramento on Ebay. I still think it has some sketch.

Any UMvC3 tourneys coming soon out here in Sac…or somewhere not ‘that’ far away(Bay Area,LA)??

uh, there’s always today

there’s usually a ton of them, pretty much every week. check out the stickied theads in the pacific north thingayyyy. RAMnation every friday, Salty Peanuts every Sunday, etc etc

Is ae ps3 or xbox?

Since Case is bringing his stuff, likely Xbox.

AE - 360

K cool really need some practice.they still have that cab running?

Yea I saw the post in here about the one today but it suxx it’s on a Friday instead of over the weekend…people got work(like me)!!Thanks for the info on the weekly’s tho,I had no clue we had those goin on out here…may have to check em’ out

Where is this ‘Salty Peanuts’ located??Couldn’t find in the Pacific North tab,and I noticed u said etc,etc(Haha)…what else is there that you know of??

somewhere in davis, let me dig up the thread real quick

i wouldn’t be surprised if salty peanuts is smaller than usual this weekend, seeing how finals just wrapped up today and people are probably going home for break? but that’s just a guess. i’d still go if they’re still having it.

i say etc because i’m assuming other places have weekly casuals. i’ve only really been to salty peanuts and ramnation, so i’m the only certain of those two. many of other weekly ones are during the weekday, unfortunately. randomly, people will have sessions so you just kind of have to peep the thread frequently.

uh, hope that helps. i’m not that good at explaining stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

so uh, can we have tetris casuals at tapex :<

yooo casuals sometime soon? I am itching to get bodied.

No Jersey Shore edition this time tho

TapEx Videos are up.

[](‘ tournaments/2011 12 09 tapex/’)
Pics are up too. Acegik, it’s “Disabel” for “Disable vs MINE.” I’ll take a look at the bracket next time I’m on my laptop and tell you who that Phoenix / Frank West / Skrull player is later.

Thanks, fixed.

blacknoob, when are you starting your sessions?