The Sacramento (916)- "cuz we hype as S***" Thread!

Just a general question for everyone out here, but I was wondering what can little ol (or big me) do to help the community?

Tournament standard has to use gems right? Fucking gems…

Spread the word, host casuals (difficult as you potentially have to open up your home to strangers; also gotta deal with the mess and associated costs [cleaning, electricity])

my 2 cents

Also, VOTE FOR 200YEN FOR CROSS ASSAULT - I’m sure a lot of Sacramento folk may know who 200yen is from tournaments, but what you may not know is that he is an accomplished Tekken player and has placed top 4 in Tekken 6 at a major (WCW2) and has placed top 8 or 16 at majors in the various iterations of SFIV. I know Tekken is not widely played here in Sacramento, but please support Sean for Team Tekken!

oh and he won a King of Fighters major back in the day


Is he Korean? Koreans love Tekken. :stuck_out_tongue:

I will also be getting SFxT on 360.


Cross on XBAWKS. I might not play much on my 360 though but since someone always has a PC ready for Street Fighter, I will probably play there. Oh yeah what’s the plan for Southtown on Friday?

Thanks to those who replied about SFxT. I’ll probably get in touch with you guys later about bringing stuff

Next TapEx posted - March 9th - Tapioca Express SFxT, SSFIV AE', & UMVC3 Tournament in Elk Grove, CA

Day 3 tournament guys; grind like you never could before

SFxT launch session to grind for TapEx lets do it!

Did you seriously wanna go still? I’ll only go if someone else drives. I’m on hella pain meds and don’t wanna drift off into death.

The only grinding I’m gonna do is on Poison. When I figure her out and make her viable!

Wait whats going on with Southtown on Friday? Isn’t it that VF5 week?


also, i’m actually gonna have to dip on that plan. apparently my friend wants to throw a birthday party for herself and i guess i’m obligated to go. :<

I would go just to talk to STA staff about that Stick I shoulda gotten a year ago… jesus.

How would i do 2v2s on my console for sfxt when there are 2 normal usb drive ports, would two people have to use the ones on the back of the xbox?

A USB hub might work

First NA Virtua Fighter 5 FS tourney, Sega’s bringing the actual arcade cabinets to Southtown and running it that way. I’d like to go too, but I want to go to Capitol Fight District also. Also, would anyone be willing to fix the cable on my Hori? I want to at least be able to use it before I dual mod it, plus I want to get serious with AE.

Aww dang. Oh well. Hit me up if shit doesn’t happen

Hey do you know computer shit? I need help to clean the inside of my laptop because it’s overheating easily.

How many people would be interested in weekly UMVC3 tournies hosted by myself and MINE? We plan on hosting exclusively UMVC3 at Tapioca Express on the Fridays aside from the days of Romeo’s monthly TapEx ournaments. We’re hoping to level up Sac / Davis and the surrounding areas, since some of us are too far away to reach the weekly tournaments in the Bay Area. Let me know what you guys think! We’re hoping to start the first one next week, on Friday, February 17th.

I’ll probably come out once a month but I’d be more interested in it for the casuals - maybe have one casual station open so it doubles as a session spot? It’d fit nicely with the weekly format.

I’d come if I can and having casual stations would be good.

nice idea. I’d go just to level up for sure.

I’ll be able to go, but mostly for the practice like everyone else is stating.