The Sacramento (916)- "cuz we hype as S***" Thread!


wow ppl still posting here its been so long


Any sessions going down? :smiley:


Where everyone at?


I’ll make a thread later, but I’m looking for someone/people in the Sacramento area to either ride along or drive to evo next month. Will pay for share of gas and I have my own room from Thursday to Monday.
PM me for details or if you know someone who needs company.


TapTea usually has random days where everyone goes for Ultra SFIV casuals monday-friday. I suggest adding them on facebook and just posting on their page, or the fighting game group page in my signature. Off the top of my head, i know CFD is having a tournament at Gamerz Phunk Lab in Natomas on Sunday 6/14 round 1 o’clock and the following week there will be WizardCon. But our most consistent tournament is every first friday of the month at TapTea.

We all migrated to Facebook, waaaay easier to track everyone and mass message.

A lot of the people who are driving are kind of set, but try checking out our facebook group page and request if anyone could spare room. There are usually like two or three LAST MINUTE people willing to drive for Evo, always. If you are a part of the FGTV facebrook group page, FChamp is putting together ride arrangements for those that are interested, although he’s in Hayward.

Good luck to anyone going to Evo, that Xrd pot bonus is looking damn fine this year.


Hey guys, it’s been far too long. Seeing who from Sac is going to EVO this year. Trying to make it back home early enough to get some games in before EVO in July. Let me know.


Who’s going out to Marine World soon for SF5?? I’m taking a trip on Monday.


There should be two big sessions before Evo coming up this weekend i believe. The tournament for Gamerz Phunk Lab is this Saturday.


Server Fighter V


Hey guys! Ultra SFIV and SFV tournament Feb 20th!


Man… It’s time for some local stuff. Besides the tournament going down tonight in Natomas, anyone else got stuff goin down? (Chris I’m looking at you)


CVS2 and 3S at my place.


most of the activity is on the facebook page now:

upcoming tournaments include:
taptea tourney in elk grove on 2/5, starting at 2pm
another Capitol Fight District TBA
another EXP Level Up ran by Coopa of FinestKO in Arden, Sacramento TBA (near NCR dates)


Sup, I recently got gentrified from the bay area and now live in natomas area. Word on the street says to join FB groups. What’s the biggest sesh for crack.


Hey guys.


Hello again folks. I U’s biggest fan is indeed correct - tourney this Sat. Join the Sac/Davis page here . Here’s the event page for this upcoming Tapioca and Tea tournament

See you guys then!


Bro, let’s get in on them Jojos sets thooooooo


Damn, FB did take over the Sac FGC.


Yo guys gonna be down from Reno any tournaments happening around Sac Davis area this weekend for SFV, INJ 2, Or Tekken 7>


I know this thread dead as fuck but anybody playing Dragon Ball FighterZ? pretty hype tournament on launch day, lets keep the momentum going