The Sag Wars : Episode G "Revenge of the Tigah!"

Either you hate him, use him, abuse him or get abused by him…Sagat owns 9/10 players on a daily basis…The purpose of this thread is for Sag users and haters to post their Sag vs Sag strategies as well as counter teams and strats against and for Sagat.Post why you think he sucks or why he’s good…and some of your past encounters using or getting beat up by him…Just keep it gangsta…

 - Doc Beezy

i paint his fence and RC electricity in his face. fight cheese with cheese, this is cvs2 after all.

Sagat vs. Sagat is nothing but patience.
After that it all comes down to who has what(groove/full meter/etc)
In a full meter situation, both players don’t want to get touched.
So the most basic thing to do is make the other player twitch if they see a movement, more or less. Just range yourself nicely, and attack with shorts to bait a st. forward.

Then from a far situation if you think about it, the whole matchup is going to end up close anyway due to whichever grooves are used, there’s going to be a way around the only thing Sagat can throw out in that situation(fireballs).

So the whole thing is fought outside of st. forward range, because its slow so both players will be looking to roll though it more or less, and it can also setup a crossup from up close. Rushing wouldn’t really be too good when both Sagat’s have full meter.
The whole thing with Sagat is to do crossup chip damage. Sagat is almost the perfect except for when he gets crossed up.

Vs Sagat, I personally like to use Guile, Vega, Cammy, Akuma, and Sakura.

Guile because of a couple of things:
He has ways to safely AA Sagat from any distance.
Safer projectile.
I think he has a slightly better up close game.

Faster character
Better range control
On the downside, the risk/reward factor isn’t too good.
But I still like to use him.

Better attacks in terms of speed.
Clean AA’s
Other than that it’s really my own preference

He has answers for the different things Sagat can throw out in a distance situation.
Risk/Reward is in no way any good for Akuma.
But again this one is mostly my preference.

Nice up close game.
Fast RH.
RC for chip damage.
Fast roll.
Clean AA’s

Guile can’t combo anything other than rapid fire jabs after he loses his charge. Guile also can’t duck Sagat’s two-frame s.LP (which Sagat can combo a knockdown after). Sagat is stronger up close by far. The reason Guile beats Sagat is because he’s powerful at zoning Sagat out with RC booms used exclusively as anti-air (and nothing else), d.MK to go under Sagat d.HP, and spammed f+HP which Sagat can’t duck OR roll through and punish.

All Sakura needs to beat Sagat is far s.HK. Abuse up close s.LP (which Sagat can’t duck) as well. Randomly RC and you’re just asking to die. Far s.MP is better because it beats shorts and the d.HP. The only thing Sak has problems against is when Sagat jumps at her from far with j.HK.

Akuma can’t do anything other than run. What’s he going to do? Far s.HP which can’t punish anything Sagat does? A Hadouken which Sagat can roll or jump over on reaction?

Sagat needs to attack Vega’s guard bar if he wants to win. DP or walk under every single scrub jump as well.

Sagat vs. Sagat- Whichever Sagat lets the other Sagat hit him with random j.HK first loses. Zone with shorts. Fake with jabs. Punish whiffed far s.HPs with far s.HP xx SUPER! Low fierce is the safest move to throw out. Far s.MK punishes whiff anything, but is highly vulnerable to rolls and that infuriating random j.HK.

S-Sagat >>> any other Sagat for Sagat vs. Sagat matches (seriously) :rofl:

In theory all Sagats can counter each other…S sag is unique because he is un-used but that doesnt mean he isnt lethal…I like K and C sag alot too…Its just about keeping a solid game on anti airs…supers and combos…even if simple…


In a sagat vs. Sagat Match I like all run sagats over dash sagats. Better zoning in my opinion. The only time this might not be the truth is the power of all of his level 2s.

And I love S-sagat vs. Sagat. Dodge st. fierce all day or dodge wait Cr. Fierce. YEAH!!!

as far actual strats KCXJ pretty much covered it.

actually, i think you need to be extra cautious with run/small jumps when it’s sagat vs sagat, since the other guy can just stuff both of those options with st.:hp:

My favorite combo in the game…fierce into super…

Sagat vs. Sagat IMO is a great vehicle for showcasing patience and execution…but i guess that goes for most mirror matches ehehe…

the great s. short is useful in making the opponent do something. s. forward has enough lag time to insert a walk-up s.fierce…nobody really whiffs s.strong…don’t jump in if they are whiffing c.fierce :lol:

tiger shots from a relatively safe distance is my new hobby I guess. It may be due to the fact that a lot of my opponents like to jump…in any case, this move is what’s gonna be thrown out occasionally either by you or the opponent. If you’re up for it…you might wanna practice executing a low tiger shot on reaction to an opponent’s high tiger shot. You will either hit him or make him block the tiger shot (barring p and k for obvious reasons), thus shifting his mindset to be more on the offensive (unless he is seasoned enough to be patient), meaning more opportunities to punish whatever he does.

If he rolls through it…you have more than enough time to consider spacing issues once you recover. And…if for some reason, he is close enough after he rolls, you have enough time to punish with into super.

ok here’s one last thought…a stupid trick of mine that i use maybe once or twice a day…if I manage to get in, I usually end up using some s.jabs. Allright…so if they block either my jump-in or my attack that gets me in somehow, my dumb trick is to do 2 s.jabs (blocked), roll (crosses up), and throw…useful for getting the opponent into the corner…

bash this trick all you want!!! it’s the weird random stuff like this that breaks the monotony of stalemate…try it out next time you visit your local arcade…

On the same token, all Sagat needs to do is stay just outside of sak’s s.:hk: and all of sak’s moves are pretty useless. You can’t RC hurricane, since it’ll be vunerable by the time it reaches, she can’t use her s.:hk: since it’s out of range, and dive kicks will be started from far enough to punish with super/dp, and she obviously can’t activate. He can also throw out random pokes every once in a while to trade with sak.

ever think of walking forward?

He’s a Canadian player. What do you think? :rofl:

nah, just walk back and forth like jwong, and turtle hardcore.

money match?

I’m a bum so I need teammates. Once lzj gets over his T5 addiction, me and him vs you and noodleman. :karate:

haha nice, I’ll be looking forward to this… if not noodleman can I substitute in the JS Master?

come on dawg, walking forward must be too hard for canadian players! play for some money

haha, yea, that’s a pretty even sub…me for JS :devil:

Close 2 hits xxx super cancel It is really good Hit confirm.

Sagat Players need to fish with this move a lot more.

Leads to super. It’s Easy to spot the 2 hits.

C Sagat vs C Sagat

Player 2 Sagat does level 2 hotfoot super.

Player 1 block the First couple of hit… counter attack/alpha… then Gets a counter hit uppercut. Next Player 1 Sagat juggles with level 2 hot foot.[media=youtube]cDaGm-oK8tE[/media]