The Sagat Gimmick thread



Alright, with Evo and other events coming up, I thought maybe it would be good to throw some gimmick ideas around. The King is generally a no-nonsense , fundamental type character. So let’s post some random gimmicks that will help give us that extra surprise advantage in game! Whether it be funky new or old, frame traps, throw setups, or just some tendencies you notice that players have, lets just get everything out there!

I’ll start off a few. I notice a sagat doing some kara dp sheninangans off a few set ups. if you do a point blank low TS (ex if you want to be safer) immediately throw a kara uppercut because ppl tend to move forward or press buttons.

Another one is the sanford kelly, i.e. doing a kara uppercut immediately after a jump rh/fp. this essentially auto times your uppercut to be late in order to catch crouch techs/buttons or even backdashes!

Anyway happy posting!


ex tiger knee, neutral jump instant overhead mk.


Fwrd lk cancel angry scar lol worthless but funny if you get themto jump


let me be captain obvious, but if you want free damage and have meter to burn, angry scar at the beginning of round 2 or 3. They do anything stupid (jump, slide, burn kick, etc.) free angry scar TU damage. If they don’t do anything, you got an AS stocked.


angry scar your opp’s wake up fucks up their imputs


Ok, ima give you guys my secret.

Insert any hardknockdown ending string/combo here c.hp to fake safejump setup , walk slightly back, whiff standing throw > srk fadc ultra.

everybody reacts to sagat’s whiff throw with / and gets hit by dp fadc.


Lol, thats some scary thinking about gimmicks for your gimmicks shit.

I’ve noticed a whiffed overhead on knockdown generally will make bad players press something or good players press nothing (so you do another one…:D)

Fuck even our gimmicks can’t be classed as gimmicks!


I want to see whiff F-RH (high step kick) then dp. Nobody reacts and punishes it while still active. Its a classic Sagat gimmick from vanilla and is sorely forgotten :frowning:


Nah i use that shit when i need it lol


Another one i use is either whiffed over head or st lp. Then meaty cr medium kickxxinto whatever if they stood up they ate big dmg.


I like to EX tiger knee then grab since it is usually left unpunished. Once my opponent reacts to my pattern of grabbing after every EX tiger knee, I usually go balls out and ultra the poor kid.