The Sagat Thread

The King With No Equal

To prepare himself for his inevitable rematch against Ryu, the king of Muay Thai retreated to a secluded mountain village for training. His chest bares the scar left by Ryu’s Shoryuken, and serves as a reminder to him of their fight. He cares not for victory or defeat; he merely wishes to clash against fighters of great strength. In order to locate a missing young girl, Sagat agrees to go with Dhalsim and heads to Antarctica.

■Official Tag Partner: Dhalsim

High Tiger Shot :qcf::p:
Low Tiger Shot :qcf::k:
Tiger Uppercut :dp: :p:
(S) Tiger Knee Crush :dp: :k:

Super Art

Cross Assault

Alternate Outfit 1 - Dragunov

Rumor has it that Sagat defeated Dragunov, who had come to assassinate him. Sagat took his uniform as a token of his victory.

Gameplay Videos


Finally someone makes a thread for him.
I like the layout you made for this, it looks very clean and neat.
I might do that for mine and i’ll go get you some videos.

Here you go
Sagat gameplay

Thanks. He will prob be the backbone of my team.

Sagat scares the crap out of me in ssf4 he will prob be no different in this game either.

Sagat is going to be good. He’s never not good. Also, I really like his English voice-over, in particular his tiger-shot call. It sounds like he means it.

thank u for making this thread, I’ll definitely main sagat. Not sure who I’ll pair him with tho.

Pair him with someone that has a wall bounce type move, or one that will knock the opponent in the air say like a dp. so you can tag cancel 2x :f::hk: (gotta love everything juggles) cr:mp: and finish with a tiger knee or tiger uppercut
Your choice

After playing him at EVO 2011, I can rightfully say that I’m going to make teams with Sagat included. Sagat is seriously fun to play as and I cannot wait to start making crazy combinations with him and other characters I plan to use.
Sagat is scary in SSF4, now he just became massively deadly in SFXT.

I played him at First Look today, a gaming event in the Netherlands. I played a lot with Diek Stiekem and Sagat seemed pretty good, most of the time he was on my team. His tiger shots seem faster than SF4, particularly his H low tiger shot. His Tiger Uppercut juggles out of almost anything and he can connect with his launcher combo really well. It’s really easy to poke with cr. MK, then chain the st. HP and launch into a tag combo. A really easy ender out of a tag combo is just doing st MP and linking it to Tiger Uppercut. Lots of mileage on that combo, real easy to hit. The one complaint I have is that his Cross Art is super slow. He does a kick that’s really quite slow.

A team I played a lot at First Look was Steve/Sagat. It was easy to hitconfirm into a launch combo with Steve, then use the Uppercut to finish the combo, then get a quick crossup with j. LK into another combo.

This character is one that I fear for sure in this game…him and Kazuya may be a deadly team

Important note…
Ex tiger knee wall bounces.

His over head should floor bounce as well but only in the juggle state.

Definitely putting Sagat on my Secondary team, Raven/Sagat, dropping knees on domes all day.

Sagat with chain combos!?

Sign me up!

Updated the main post with some alt outfit details.

Sagat’s overhead floor bounces on counter hit’s

I am kinda worried about Sagat in this game now. He is my current main in AE 2012, and I noticed a couple things from the latest videos from Melbourne

  • The Active frames on his St Hk appear to be reduced from what they were AE which allowed Seth Killian’s Zangief air attack to plow right through Sagat as he was trying to anti air him.
  • Forward Lk does not travel as far a distance which should weaken his Kara game if he still has his karas which I sure do hope he does.
  • Jumping Mk causes a juggle state this was one the only buffs I noticed from the videos it allowed Sagat to go into a chain combo
  • He can get Big damage off of team exchanges(whatever they are called) due to EX TK causing a wall bounce

I will still play Sagat on day one but these videos did not indicate to me that he is getting stronger from AE

If Sagat is in a game, then I’m involved. Will pair him up with Jin to start… then every other character that grabs my attention.

Sagat’s Step kick on counter-hit makes the opponent stagger his foot, probably a stun orsomething that you can follow-up on.