The Saikyopocalypse of 2012: Dan's Moveset and Attributes



This is the thread for discussing AE’s Dan Hibiki. Everything in regards to specifics about his moveset, hitboxes, frame data, etc.


cl. = Close
cr. = Crouching
far. = Far

j. = Jumping (Forwards or Backwards)
jb. = Jump Backwards
jf. = Jump Forwards
nj. = Neutral Jumping

xx = Cancel
> = Link
FADC = Focus Attack Dash Cancel
FAC Lv.1/2/3 = Focus Attack Cancel, minus the Dash
Crumple = The stunned state an opponent is put in via Focus Attack

U1/U2 = Ultra I, Shissou Buraiken. Ultra II, Haoh Gadouken.
Super = Usually refers to Hissho Buraiken
Saikyo Crusher = Legendary Taunt/Chouhatsu Densetsu Cancel

Short = Light Kick
Forward = Medium Kick
Sweep = Hard/Heavy/High Kick

Jab = Light Punch
Strong = Medium Punch
Fierce = Hard/Heavy/High Punch

Input Shortcuts: The game will allow you to fudge the inputs for certain moves, like Koryuken.

The Goods

Stamina Rating: 1000 / Stun Rating: 900

Notes: Nerfed from Vanilla, Dan’s sporting below-average Stun. Take a breather and turtle up if you eat a few good normals in a row.


Forward: 19 Frames
Backwards: 26 Frames

Level 1 FA Dash Forward: -3
Level 2 FA Dash Forward: +3

Notes: A Level 1 FA is punishable with a mashed 3-frame-and-under reversal, like a Shoryuken or fast command grab. Remember that. Some players like STRIPFIGHTER won’t dash forward after a Focus Attack. It’s up to you to decide whether or not the risk is worth it.

The Moves

Here’s the format I’m going to use to save me some typing.

Damage/Stun/Meter Built on Hit . Startup/Active Frames/Recovery . Blockstun/Hitstun

Normal Grounded Moves

cl.LP - 20/50/20 . 4/2/10 . -1/+2

Notes: A standard 4-frame jab. Only really useful in blockstrings and some more obscure combos.

cl.MP - 65/100/40 . 5/2/17 . +2/+8

Notes: A staple of Dan’s close-range combos, cl.MP combos into all of his specials.

In AE, the frame advantage was buffed. From 0/+6 to +2/+8. This paves the way for all manner of hit-confirms and bigger combos. Technically, you should be able to hit-confirm from cl.MP alone. In certain corner situations, it should combo into itself quite easily.

In 2012, the startup was reduced to 5 from 6, making it slightly more potent in frame trap situations. The changes to knockback on cl.HK also make cl.HK > cl.MP possible on most opponents, buffing Dan’s frame-trap and grounded full-combo options.

cl.HP - 95/200/60 . 8/2/19 . -3/+1

Notes: Another staple, this is best used in punish combos or after a Heavy jump-in.

cl.LK - 25/50/20 . 3/2/6 . +3/+6

Notes: Buffed significantly in AE, it’s Dan’s only 3 frame normal. It should combo into cr.MP as a 2-frame link, and being a very fast move, will likely have it’s uses after j.LK in the corner.

cl.MK - 4030/5050/4020 . 6/22/14 . -2/+1

Notes: Combos much like cl.MP, but will do far less damage, because only the first hit is cancellable. cl.MP will come out whenever this move will come out, so I haven’t found any worthwhile use for this, except blowing up close range Focus Attacks.

Apparently the higher hitbox and larger amount of active frames makes it a better candidate to catch opponents like Guile or Dhalsim from jumping away when up close.

cl.HK - 100/200/60 . 8/2/14. +2/+6

This is the start to some of Dan’s biggest punish combos. The +6 on hit allows for an easier link into cr.MP or cl.MP, which cancels into a variety of options. Counter-hit setups open up some interesting opportunities, like > cl.HK at point-blank.

In 2012, the knockback has been significantly reduced, allowing for beefier grounded combos and combos into the recently re-buffed HK.Danku, which is good for knocking baddies into the corner.

cr.LP - 25/50/20 . 4/2/8. +1/+4

Notes: This starts longer jab-chains and block strings with light normals. Buffs in AE make it easier to chain on block, and actually allow for some tight linking.

cr.MP - 70/100/40 . 5/2/10 . +2/+5

Notes: A decent hitbox and startup compared to Dan’s other normals may cause you to use this move. The buffs in AE up the combo potential of this move significantly, allowing for a gaping 4-frame link after cl.MP or a 2-frame link after cl.LK and cl.HK.

Still doesn’t combo into any Danku but EX in this version, despite the changes. The Hitstun remains the same.

cr.HP - 100/200/60 . 11/3/22 . -7/-2

Notes: Slow as molasses. Doesn’t make for a good anti-air due to it’s startup. Now that cl.HK is the go-to combo starter, cr.HP loses a lot of it’s use.

cr.LK - 20/50/20 . 4/2/9 . 0/+3

Notes: This doesn’t combo into anything but other light normals, EX Danku and Koryuken. You’ll find a lot of use from it regardless, as it comes out during OS-tech as well. There’s also some really neat option-selects when using it on certain characters’ wakeups.

cr.MK - 65/100/40 . 7/2/12 . 0/+3

Notes: A good poke, but cancelling into anything but EX.Danku won’t combo unless it lands as a counterhit. EX Danku cancel is still good as an Option-selected poke, or as Dan’s best max-range combo after a jump-in.

cr.HK, Unstoppable Demon Heel - 90/150/60 . 10/2/22 . -6/KD

Notes: Dan’s Almighty Sweep. With buffed startup from AE, shrinking it’s 12 frame startup down to 10, it’s becoming increasingly tempting to try and work this move into frame-traps and footsies. While it’s not a fantastic move, the hard knockdown it gives automatically puts the momentum into Dan’s purple-gloved hands. Since it leaves you at -6, only a few characters in the game will be able to punish it on block at range, which means there’s no harm in the occasional fishing or even experimentation when playing normally.

Landing this at range is also one of the few ways Dan can start up Safejump/j.HK/DP Option-selects from midscreen. Guaranteed pressure in this game is valuable, even more-so for Dan.

far.LP - 25/50/20 . 4/2/9 . +4/+7

Notes: Links to cr.MK on hit. Use it as a part of his cr.LK, cr.LK, far.LP > cr.MK xx EX Danku/Gadouken hit-confirm from crouch-tech OS to get in some damage or a knockdown.

far.MP - 70/100/40 . 6/2/13 . -1/+2

Notes: Links after cl.MP, and is actually Super-Cancellable. Makes a a good poke. While it doesn’t have all that much range, it appears that the entirety of his arm has no hurtbox or grab box until his torso, reducing the chance of trades and command grabs significantly.

far.HP - 110/200/60 . 11/2/18 . -2/+2

Notes: You’ll probably only land this by accident. While it does have a good hitbox, and does sizable amounts of damage and stun, it’s very slow, and ends up being very hard to place in footsies. It takes a bit of mind-games to get one of these to connect, but it does really nice stun.

far.LK - 35/50/20 . 4/2/9 . 0/+3

Notes: Ends most plain Jab Chains, due to it being the farthest reaching light normal. Also, taunt an Akuma with Ultra stocked by throwing out two far.LPs followed by a far.LK repeatedly.

far.MK - 70/100/40 . 7/2/14 . -2/+1

Notes: Dan’s best poke. Good hitbox, but doesn’t lead into anything. Learn when to use it, as it’s going to tide you over until you get in close for Dan’s rushdown.

far.HK - 110/200/60 . 11/2/18 . -2/+2

Notes: A better hitbox than far.HP makes it a nicer option in footsies. It’s still requires some god-level Yomi in footsies to land.

Normal Aerial Moves

j.LP - 45/50/20 . 4/7

Notes: Used to stuff an opponent in sudden Air-to-Air situations, as the heavier aerials start up too slow. j.LK is usually better.

j.MP - 75/100/40 . 7/5

Notes: The hitbox isn’t all that special, despite Dan throwing his fist downwards. It doesn’t have much use.

j.HP - 95/200/60 . 7/4

Notes: About the same deal as j.MP. The more conservative hitbox and faster startup on this may make it more useful in certain situations when compared to j.HK.

j.LK - 40/50/20 . 4/7

Notes: The hitbox for this is located below Dan. This makes it a valuable tool to stuff certain attacks that are vulnerable when coming down from above. Good Air-to-Air when you need something fast. Crosses up, and causes havoc with character positioning when trying to cross-up opponents in the corner. Can be used for awesome shenanigans.

j.MK - 70/100/40 . 7/5

Notes: A quick aerial and Dan’s best cross-up. The blockstun is so tiny on this that you won’t usually have time to blockstring if it’s blocked high, but you can use that situation as a ghetto frame trap if they let go of block or decide to mash throw.

j.HK - 100/200/60 . 9/5

Notes: A good jump-in that causes a lot of hitstun. Can link into Shissou Buraiken (Ultra I), and links easily into something big like cl.HK > cr.MP xx HP.Koryuken.

nj.LP - 45/50/20 . 4/7

Notes: This move… I don’t know. It’s mostly useless.

nj.MP - 75[25]/100[50]/40 . 8/6

Notes: This juggles after Koryuken FADC for good damage, which is nice. It also sets up a reset opportunity to capitalize on in the corner if you do land it in that situation. Other than that, doesn’t find much use.

nj.HP - 100/200/60 . 12/4

Notes: Decent hitbox means if you’re in a situation for a neutral-jump punish, like escaping a command throw, this is part of your combo. Good hitstun on it means you can land something big.

In AE, nj.HP now spikes airborne opponent’s for a techable knockdown. It also connects in juggle situations, so use it after Koryuken FADC to score some extra damage and continue pressure.

nj.LK - 40/50/20 . 4/8

Notes: See nj.LP

nj.MK - 75/100/40 . 7/5

Notes: Far reaching horizontal hitbox on this, can be a good Air-to-Air to stuff certain attacks where the reach is necessary.

nj.HK - 100/200/60 . 10/4

Notes: Hits over Dan’s head, I suppose it can be used to stuff things like Claw’s walldives, but the situations where you’ll use this are going to be rare.

Special Moves

Gadouken, Fireball - QCF+Punch, :qcf::p:, 236+P.

Useful Input Shortcuts: None

LP - 70/100/20(20) . 14/8/40 . 0/+4

Notes: Offers some comboability in the corner, but everything is a 1-frame link. Outside the corner, it has hideous range. Use it for safer meter building since it recovers faster.

MP - 70/100/20(20) . 14/10/41 . -1/+3

Notes: Doesn’t really offer much.

HP - 70/100/20(20) . 14/15/42 . -2/+2

Notes: Makes a nice poke and mid-range zoning tool. Use it to cancel out fireballs, or FADC to extend a combo for decent damage.

EX - 5060/5050/- . 14/20/40 . +3/+6

Notes: Makes an excellent poke at the expense of meter. You can FADC from this to combo into Ultra I. Allows for some beefy corner combos.

Dankukyaku, Hop Kicks, “Dankicks” - QCB+Kick, :qcb::k:, 214+K.

Useful Input Shortcuts: None

LK - 90/100/40(30) . 17/10/37 . 0/KD

Notes: This move is godlike. Dan’s entire strategy may revolve around the wakeup pressure derived from this move in certain matchups. If you land it meaty, you can even end up with anywhere between +1 and +10 frame advantage. Use it for frame traps, tick-throws, blowing up wakeup Focuses, Back-dashes and Counters.

The safety of this move means it’s often better to throw out than HK.Dankukyaku in situations where you can’t hit-confirm.

MK - 6040/10050/40(30)(20) . 17/2*2/47 . -2/KD

Notes: Only good if you want to throw off your opponent who’s expecting three hits of HK.Dankukyaku. It’s no safer, and doesn’t less damage, chip, stun and gains you less meter on hit.

HK - 504040/1005050/40(30)(20)(10) . 17/232/56 . -2/KD

Notes: This does decent stun, is safe on block, and keeps Dan in close. Watch out, since it leaves you at -2, it can leave you punishable with faster command grabs and certain Supers.

In AE, it has a damage nerf. His other buffs means it’s no longer part of Dan’s punish combos. It still has a use to blow up low pokes, though.

Damage is up in v.2012, where HK.Danku does an extra 10 damage on it’s last hit, raising damage from 504030 to 504040. Connecting after Trade Koryuken is almost right out except in circumstances where the opponent is juggled high in the air.

EX - 404040/1005050/- . 8/10/31/ . -3/KD

Notes: Great move, great poke. Too bad it costs a meter. Part of Dan’s few hit-confirms, the move does less damage than HK.Dankukyaku, but makes up for it in faster startup. Landed point-blank, it’s punishable with a 3-frame reversal. Landed Meaty, it can net you anywhere between -2 and +7, perfect for setting up a frame-trap with cl.MP, if you time it right on your opponent’s wakeup.

(air) LK - 90/100/40(30) . 8/14/17

Notes: Semi-slow startup means it’s not all that great as an Air-to-Air on reaction, and it loses to Air-throws for free. Done too high, and the Knee will whiff due to the active frames finishing before you reach the opponent (They don’t continue until you hit the ground). This move CAN be safe, depending on the positioning and the spacing, but if it’s blocked too high, you can be left at enough of a frame disadvantage to get punished with faster normals and reversals.

The hitbox is relatively small, but the trajectory change in mid-air is what makes this a solid approach option. Characters like Dhalsim, who need to time their normals to anti-air, can get royally messed up by the trajectory and timing change that Air LK.Dankukyaku brings into the equation. Don’t spam it, because it’s vulnerable if they know it’s coming, but it’s got the properties to make certain characters that rely on normals as Anti-airs to need to guess between a regular jump-in and The Knee.

(air) MK - 5050/10050/40(30)(20) . 5/1(9)2/17

Notes: Guh. This thing is awful. 17 frames of recovery on landing. It’s not worth it, and is mad punishable. The only use I have for it is to avoid Anti-air Ultras when LK won’t cut it.

(air) HK - 505050/1005050/40(30)(20)(10) . 5/1(9)1(10)2/17

Notes: Same as the MK version. This thing does good damage, but it’s still punish-bait.

The 5 frame startup and decent damage makes it decent option as an Air-to-Air when you can manage it.

(air) EX - 505050/1007575/- . 5/1(6)1(7)1/7

Notes: This one’s a lot better. The 7 recovery frames upon landing means it’s much more manageable. It can combo after Koryuken FADC if you don’t care about combo practicality. It also beats Air-throws if done a tad preemptively. If you TK it, you can actually blow up throw attempts in a stylish and damaging matter, but it’s not easy to do or time.

It’s far reaching hitbox, solid damage, large amount of active frames and quick startup make it pretty good as an Air-to-Air. It will stuff air-throws, which is a big one.

In v.2012, it had it’s height restriction shortened by 1 frame, bringing the height restriction after jumping down to 8 frames from 9. This allows Dan to land it on certain opponents with larger crouching hitboxes, such as Seth.

If it’s blocked as low as possible to the ground, Dan gets a massive frame advantage, somewhere between +6 and +9 frames. This is only for the last hit, while the 2nd and 1st hit only offer significantly less frame advantage. It’s possible to time this on an opponent’s wakeup to force them to block the last hit, to guarantee frame advantage, but the timing and execution is very strict.

An improvement to the juggle properties allow you to fully connect with Air.EX Danku after Koryuken FADC, Meaty LK.Danku in the corner, LP.Koryuken Anti-Air and after an Air.EX Danku that only connects twice instead of the full 3 hits.

Koryuken, Uppercut - DP+Punch, :dp::p:, 623+P.

Useful Input Shortcuts: 323, 636, 32123.

LP - 110[70]/200[100]/30(40) . 4/13/42 . -18/KD

Notes: Recovers the fastest, and if you anti-air someone high up with it, it can setup for an HK.Dankukyaku or Ultra II juggle. The problem is that the lack of solid invulnerability that crap out before the active frames means it can be outright stuffed.

MP - 120[80]/200[100]/30(40) . 4/13/60 . -35/KD

Notes: Does less damage than HP.Koryuken, and recovers almost as slow. I wouldn’t use this when you have access to other options.

HP - 140[100]/200[100]/30(40) . 4/13/63 . -38/KD

Notes: Great anti-air with invulnerability leading into it’s first active frame, this means you can cleanly anti-air an opponent with it. Even if it trades, you can follow up with an HK.Dankukyaku juggle for the life advantage every time.

It should be noted that non-EX Koryuken has some vulnerability to command grabs, so try to use EX or jump away when you can help it.

EX - 7060/100100/- . 4/13/66 . -40/KD

Notes: Massive amounts of invulnerability. This is your go-to for when you really need to stuff something. Does less damage overall than HP.Koryuken and far less as an anti-air.

Focus Attacks

Level 1 - 60/100/20 . 21/2/35 . -21/-21
Level 2 - 80/150/40 . 17+12/2/35 . -15/Crumple
Level 3 - 140/200/60 . 65/2/35 . Crumple/Crumple

Notes: Dan has a good focus attack, but his Level 1 can be punished if he cancels with a forward dash with a mashed reversal, on hit or on block. Overall, it’s a great hitbox, and since the rest of your moves are generally arse, learn to use it, but don’t overabuse it, lest your opponent adapts.


Dan has a throw range of .96 backwards, and 1.03 forwards. This is different than what was recorded in Super (A flat 0.9 for both), but it was up for debate then. Take it for what you will.

Forward Throw - 120/100/40 . 3/2/20
Back Throw - 130/120/40 . 3/2/20

Notes: Back Throw sets up for an easy cross-up/mixup attempt. Forward throw is great for putting your opponent in the corner, where they’re far more vulnerable to mixups.


Fist of the Heavens (Jumping Taunt) - Lulz Damage/Lulz Stun . 14/30/22

Performed by Taunting in the air. Since v.2012, it now rips meter from God himself on block and hit to better allow swift Divine Saikyo Justice.

Fist of the Nine Hells (Crouching Taunt) - Lulz Damage/Lulz Stun . 14/26/21 . -36/-33

Performed with Down+Taunt, :d::hk::hp:, 2+HP+HK. Since v.2012, it now summons meter from Satan on block and hit to empower your dreaded Saikyo Dealings.


Super Moves

Hissho Buraiken - Double QCF+Punch, :qcf::qcf::p:, 236236+P.

Useful Input Shortcuts: 23236.

1518110/- . 1+3/174[22]14/59 . -42/KD

Notes: Since it starts up in four frames, you may find situations where it can be used as a straight punish, however, Dan needs meter, so it may be best to save it until you can land a full punish for the most damage possible.

New to v.2012, it seems his limbs have had all/most of their hitboxes extended, ensuring that every flailing arm of justice will connect when this move is landed.

Legendary Taunt/Chouhatsu Densentsu - Double QCF+Taunt, :qcf::qcf::hp::hk:, 236236+HP+HK.

Useful Input Shortcuts: 23236.

Severe Morale Damage/Fo’ sho’ . 1+0/397

Notes: Cancels into Ultra. Kill your opponent with a Gadouken and cancel into Legendary Taunt before the fact and you’ll achieve the coveted Maximum Lulz.

Ultra Moves

Shissou Buraiken - Double QCF + All Punches, :qcf::qcf::lp::mp::hp:, 236236+PPP.

Useful Input Shortcuts: 23236.

465/- . 1+9/12/64 . -55/KD

Notes: Large amounts of invincibilty means this can be used to punish projectiles, slow moves, and other Ultras. Does good damage.

In AE, it supposedly has a more vulnerable hitbox around his head region.

Haoh Gadouken - Double QCF + All Kicks, :qcf::qcf::lk::mk::hk:, 236236+KKK.

Useful Input Shortcuts: 23236.

60x5*68/- . 1+14/22/156 . -85/KD

Notes: This thing had it’s invulnerability frames hit with the nerf bat in AE. It only has 8 frames of invulnerability after the freeze instead of invulnerability leading right into the fireball. This hurts a few matchups more than anything, but Dan’s added combo potential means you’ll have more opportunities to land this attack.

Combos from Koryuken FADC for good damage, and has the best animation ever. Does less damage than Ultra I though. You’re trading invincibility for comboability, so choose for the matchup.





Matchup Specific Shenanigans


To be discussed and recorded.

LK Dankukyaku and the Wakeup Game


To be discussed and recorded.

The big thing I want to flesh out are the Option-Selects. Option-Selects are something we rarely explore, and they’re going to be a great way to deal with some seriously tricky matchups. I’m asking everyone who has ANYTHING about possible setups, to post here.

Earliest Cancel Windows for Taunts

Taunt 01: 55
Taunt 02: 45
Taunt 03: 60
Taunt 04: 45
Taunt 05: 45
Taunt 06: 45
Taunt 07: 45
Taunt 08: 45
Taunt 09: 45
Taunt 10: 45


January 21st, 2011: Option-Selects and Guide Updated. Dhalsim and Akuma OSs Added.
January 22nd, 2011: Akuma Option-Select Revised. Notation corrections (Thanks, Couch).
January 23rd, 2011: Taunt Cancel Windows added. Air LK.Danku revised in regards to hitbox.
June 3rd, 2011: Updated for Arcade Edition. Changes all around, and two fixes regarding frame advantage on Block for Level 2 Focus (-15 from -36), and damage by EX Dankukyaku in the air (505050 from 404040).
June 6th, 2011: nj.HP corrected for AE
June 11th, 2011: far.MP description updated.
December 22nd, 2011: Version 2012 updates logged in an off-handed manner. Detailed changes to cr.HK, cl.MP, cl.HK. Specials still need updating.
December 24th, 2011: More updates in place. Danku’s, Hisshou Buraiken and stuff updated.


I dunno, I’ve been using jump fierce as my go to air-to-air (barring they aren’t too far below or above me) since forever, and it works pretty well. I don’t even see what else you would use when you’re vertically even with the opponent, and don’t have time to pull out the knee.


As a joke, I’m a little mad that Hk and Hp serve BARELY use at all. But if you hit somebody with it, it does fairly well amount of damage. It’s possibly the slowest standing moves in the game. The recovery time is longer too


I’ve added your words the “Community Notes” underneath the specific move. I’ll see if I can add other people’s voices to this without it getting too messy.

Edit: Also, Dhalsim and Akuma option-selects are up now available for your level-uppingness.

Double Edit: Forgot something about the Akuma one. :\


Awesome job! I really appreciate you putting the time and effort into this! Minor fix needed, though. You have the punch icon for Dankukyaku input.


I think I may have a tip for Dan
When laming out I’d usually use LK Danku far away, I would switch it up a bit by then doing a HK Danku then back up again. It’s more of a guess and hit game. Do you expect the person to block it? Or will he get fooled? Other than that, it’s a fun game to do against some characters, depending on what they do. Most ryu’s I play are close combat, so they get fooled sometimes.

Another fun game to play with Dan is his j.Lk. Crossing over and over and over and over the person has never been more fun. If timed correctly, you can jb.LK and hit the person.


As an online shenanigan, long-range HK Danku can work, but offline, or even on a good connection, anything but near point-blank is easily punishable on reaction with the right poke poke, a buffered Ultra, or a neutral jump.


jump fierce is really slow compared to j lk. j lk’s hitbox is also really good, they can jump at you and you can j lk while theyre above you and you can hit them.


I suppose I’ll leave out the “Community Notes” for now. At this rate, the whole thing’ll fill up.

But good discussion. Keep it up.


cr.MK xx EX Danku at max range lands the EX Danku meaty on block. So it’s perfectly safe, and I think may even land you a small frame advantage.


Dan’s EX Danku is scary. It takes a millisecond to even see it come out. So there should be no surprise that you would have a small frame advantage

And lets not forget that since Dan can handle too much of the hoah Gadoken, he even does a double backflip across the screen. And that’s good.
For example, against Command grapplers. Shissou would send you forward, and barely any chip damage. Leaving you completely open for a chance for the player to finish you off. With the Hoah Gadoken, you leave yourself to fight the round once again, since no grappler’s have projectiles.
I’d rather get hadoken’d then Ultra’d


Well actually picking hoah gadouken might not be a bad idea against some of the bigger grabby characters now that I think about it (gief, honda, abel ) but its definantly a free punish against them all. Gief can simply hop right over it, green hand a couple time or something and be right next to you for SPD/Ultra.

In fact, ANYONE can punish you with ultra if you random haoh gadouken. its got more end lag than shissho i believe.

If youre creative enough, you should outline each of the taunts, give um names, and right how many frames it takes to cancel um ;D

Heres a match up specific shenanigan to mess with charge characters~ when you get a back throw/ untechable knock down, lk/mk dankuu over them twice or three times if you can w/o getting punished. this will mess up the charge for any back/foward charges, and ultras. however, itll still allow down charge moves to be used, if they werent charging down back and sometimes even if they were, so be careful. This lets you get a better read on your opponent though- balrog cant ex rush punch so hes probably going to headbutt/jab, honda cant ex headbutt so hes probably going to oicho or ex butt slam, bison cant ex psycho so hes probably going to ex headstomp/devils reverse/teleport/u2, etc.

Also, ex psycho crusher is punishable by ex dankuu and u1 on block, but it needs to be at certain ranges. you cant be too close to bison when he does it to punish it, I believe. Idk how to punish butt slams or balrog rush punches (cept overhead, which is a free krk)


First time poster here/player since SF2CE days.

I plan to main Dan, and this information will be invaluable. As for why I am not getting off my ass and playing Dan RIGHT NOW, that involves a Red Ring of Death and Microsoft’s awesome customer service.

My goal is to be the top Dan in Italy, which may be kinda like being the best light beer on the market, but I gotta start somewhere.

The SRK forums are a great resource and I’m looking forward to participating.


is undeniably Saikyo.


May be worth mentioning about Cr. mks stuffing potential. I know I’ve been having a hell of a time with it against rog and viper.


Hm, starting to main Dan? It will be a tough and fun road at the same time. We are talking about serious Saikyo if you want to be the best in Italy. Better do it before Street Fighter X Tekken comes out. You got maybe 2 years at most before it comes out. And in my opinion, the best way to start off is Sugami’s videos, for he is the only one that has Saikyo for Beginners. Start off with him on his youtube, and you’re good to go =)

YouTube - smugami’s Channel
It is under "Dan’s Tutorial"
I’m thinking about starting my own Tips, involving some tips against Hondas and maybe Guiles. Possibly the taunts, helps out by baiting people.
Too bad I only have a laptop camera, but quality does not matter! Well, sometimes…(-_-)


Cough. Where is everyone?

Lk is a great air to air but I find that characters with higher jump arcs will blow through it, I’m looking at you, Seth. Maybe hk or I dunno… thoughts?

Far standing hk definitely has its uses, but it does require a fairly good read of your opponent. You can predictively counter poke with it after a far jump in, what has been working for me is throwing out a last second jumping hk just out of range then and immediate standing hk. The small step back and the tucked away hurtbox will keep you safe from pretty much any poke.

Obviously there are moves that this will lose to but if you use it correctly against the right type of player you will show them that you control a lot more space than they would think, couple it with Gado games and other little tricks and you can effect a change on the other player’s aggression level.

Some players will respond by playing a bit tighter allowing you to steal the momentum of the match and get in close, which is exactly what you want against most of the cast. A surprising amount of players that don’t normally abuse reversals will start after you’ve shown that you can go toe to toe with them. Gados,,, when properly used can frustrate people into throwing out unsafe shit. Which is even better than conditioning them to hold down back.

Far hk will stuff a lot of shit, the key is prediction and spacing…


Page be updated for AE. Also updated some of the move descriptions to keep my godlike opinions to a minimum.


Oh my god is the +6/+3 cl. lk with 3 frame startup really true? That sounds like an error on the page, but if that is really what it is, OMG. If that keeps you in range for cl. mp that is some godlike frame trap shit after an lk. danku. I am soooooo hype for Dan in AE I may move back to him as my main.


I don’t believe it keeps you in range for close normals, but I’m sure you’re in range for cr.MP