The Salt Flats 2014 (02/15-17/2014 - Calgary, Alberta)


Link to the event:
The Salt Flats 2014

Smash Logic presents the next big fighting game event in Calgary. Partnered with FGCC - Fighting Game Club of Calgary we’re bringing 12 events to the table!

===Main Events==
Included main events are Smash Smash Brothers Melee, Brawl, and Project M both singles and doubles. King of Fighters 13, Super Street Fighter 4 AE, BlazBlue ChronoPhantasma*, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Divekick, and a MYSTERY tournament!

All Traditional Fighters to be played on PS3

Mystery tournament game(s) will not be revealed until the event begins.

All events are double elimination brackets (Mystery Event dependant on entries)

Please remember to bring your own Controller, we cannot promise you that we will have any available for you

Venue fee to enter the events is $10, and every individual tournament costs $10 to participate, all money collected for each event will go DIRECTLY to the pot for the top placing players.

-The Mystery Event AND Divekick are only $5 to enter-
-It is free to spectate-

The venue for this event is the Killarney-Glengarry Community Association situated at 2828-28th Street SW, Calgary Alberta.

Saturday 15th:
9:00am Tournament setup
10:00am Doors open for public entry and registration (You may have a friend register your for an event, however general match attendance rules apply, if your name is called and you have not arrived, you may have to forfeit your first round)
11:00am Registration closes for Brawl, Project M, Street Fighter, and Marvel
12:00pm Brackets begin for Brawl/Project M doubles and Marvel
4:00pm Brackets begin for Brawl and Project M singles and Street Fighter

Sunday 16th:
11:00am Registration closes for Melee, King of Fighters, and Blazblue.
12:00pm Brackets begin for Melee Doubles and Blazblue
4:00pm Bracket begins for Melee Singles and King of Fighters
7:00pm Bracket for Divekick and Mystery Event begin

Come to Dicken’s Pub After all the events for some drinks and Casuals! More info to be posted soon!

Monday 17th:
Free play all day
Open for crew battles, exhibitions, money matches
3:00pm End of event, Doors close.

All game specific rulesets can be found via the SmashLogic website here


This is ALL AGES event, and therefore we will not tolerate offensive action, or substance abuse. Any person thought to be abusing this may be kicked out of the event at the discretion of the hosts. (Due to the nature of tournaments however, we advise parents and kids to understand that swearing is a very common reaction in situations of stress, and ask that you bear with this)

All Brackets are run as double elimination so you have two chances before you are out.

ATTENDANCE AND PUNCTUALITY - It is both necessary and very important to remain available for your matches. As we are running many events and a tight schedule we will require players to act accordingly. If your name is called for a match and you do not show within the alloted time period 10 mins we may have to disqualify you, resulting in a forfeit of that round.

In order to remain true to the punctuality rule, please attempt to inform the bracket operators if you must leave for any reason, and we will try to accomodate (food, emergency etc) as best as we can. We will also be scheduling in a specific break period so that people aren’t forced within the venue the entire duration of the event.

Please try to keep the venue clean and respect others, these are just common manners.

Payouts will be either top 3 or top 8 dependant on number of entries


For BB:CP is Kokonoe banned? There’s no tournament standard on the character legality yet but there’s a few states in the US that have banned the character.


Yes Kokonoe will be banned.




Good luck with this


I’m coming down for this


What system is KoF being played on?


I’m not gonna get there until 12 on Saturday, can I register for Street Fighter after that?


PS3. Everything is on PS3 unless otherwise noted.

Yup! We’ll close registration about 30min before the bracket starts so we can enough time to seed the players, make the brackets and prepare what we need.

Let me know if you have any more questions!


If we bring an Xbox, can we play our SF4 tourney matches on the Xbox?


I know you want to play Xbox (me too!), but coming from a fellow TO, you’re basically handing him a can of worms and asking him to open it.

Is it patched? Does it require an internet connection for the DLC? What if PS3 players and Xbox player have to play each other? How do you decide? WHO decides? What if they just do it without informing the judge/TO? What happens when the other Xbox players at the venue see you playing, and then outright REFUSE to play on any of the PS3 setups? Are you going to be the one to deal with their unwarranted and selfish moaning about how “unfair” it is when the TO tells them no?

I’ve experienced ALL of these situations. It sucks. I know we can all get along IRL if an issue pops up (we’re not tards), but still, allowing this introduces so many potential opportunities for attendees to complain and whine, and ultimately affect the tournament negatively (time wasted + unhappiness).


plus, what if someone prefers the ps3 version. ps3 pads. ps3 sticks etc.


Obvious power surge-related frustrations aside, I think this was a very well-run tourney. Bracket runners were on point, lots of setups were available and everything started on time. And I got my stick dual-modded so I won’t complain about PS3 any more, lol.

What were the full results for SF4?


Thank you.
We’ll post the full results of everything in a few hours and videos will be posted this week.


I dont have the time to make it out to events anymore but I am glad I came to this one (first FGCC event I have ever attended).

I had a blast! Will have to make it to another one in the future.


Yes, thanks for hosting a fun event. Had a blast playing KoF and Gundam Full Boost.

What youtube channel will the matches be uploaded to?


Results and vids