The Salt Mine: The Official Springfield Crew Thread (Springfield, MA)

This is the thread for meetups and shit talk in Springfield. Post up, bitches.

so the guy from chicopee starts the springfield thread?


I literally live like 10 minutes away from Springfield and I will be moving to Springfield in a couple weeks.

man i am just busting your balls, glad to see there is a scene out that way… well I am assuming you do…

I am from springfield, I am having to go there in a couple months, hope some of you wanna get some games in…

Oh ok. Good shit. Post up when you come by then.

im changing my handle to DR. ACULA

also the new shit is pokemon cards dude. monopoly is no longer springfields game of choice/salt/drama source.

we be rockin the mons man.

also i had this idea for making a new SPRUNGFEELD thread but justo was all like naw bitch i ain’t havin dat.

also what the fuck springfield thread with no zaney title i am dissapointed

Time to bust out the ol’ deck.

hell yes. also first series cards might as well be banned jesus christ shit is broken as fuck.

That’s why I quit Yugioh. All the cards in my deck were banned. D:


Yesh, yesh, very good.


goood… gooooood…

So I’ve been learning Akuma. Looking forward to testing him out whenever our next gathering is. Learning Akuma and some other chars is pretty much the only thing keeping me interested in vanilla IV, especially since we are basically a month shy from Super.

Anyways If anyone has been wondering why I haven’t been posting as much, I have no internet atm and basically no computer either, so I only get to post in my free time at school. Im always available for texting though (text freak), so if any of you guys wanna hit me up, drop a text at my number and Ill shoot the shit. Don’t have it? Justo, Zorin and Hipster have it, so just ask them for it and spit a text my way.

See yall around.

yeah we’ve been slacking on meet-ups lately, but with my car failing inspection, I haven’t had anyway to pick up anybody. Hopefully, with a little bit of luck, it should be revived later today, and I’ll be getting in contact with people about getting some games in

I’m very new to SF (IV being my first) and I’d love to check out some local players. I’m from the Springfield area.

Springfield sucks.