The Salt


Right now I am mad salty not at anyone but myself I go on autopilot on things I know I shouldn’t and then after I lose a match I point it out and proceed to do it again. I try so hard to think in a match but still go on autopilot and just completely get fucked up 24/7. I will spend so much time learning how to fight a character and use my strengths so it feels like its just going to waste. Fuck my lack of skill…

Any suggestions on helping me out here on how to break my habits?

P.S. Ive taken a break from SSF4 for about a week so I could clear my head but it just got worse for me.


You’re going to have to be more specific.

Or at least try to identify what the real problem areas are then work on changing those habits. You say you point them out but, then do it anyway. Try to work on only a single issue at a time.

Jump too much? Play a series of matches where your only goal is to not jump. Don’t worry about the win or loss just make sure you don’t jump. Play everything else the same just don’t allow yourself to jump no matter what. This type of exercise may force you to reevaluate the way you approach the match. This could be applied to a lot of common problems such as wasting your meter, mashing throw tech or using too many specials or reversals.

It’s hard to remember everything you have to do in a match all at the same time. By doing this it may help change some of your bad habits for the better.

An example involving myself is that any time I block an attack and I’m at any amount of frame advantage I’ll often go for something like a low forward fireball, almost without fail. This is a clear habit that good players will pick up on and eventually punish me for from things ranging from a counter hit or focus attack to even an ultra. By forcing myself to block instead of always reacting with the same attack I’ll eventually break that habit of wanting to do it every time. From there I can try to identify when I specifically do and do not want use my attack as a response.


there is a fair amount of posts on getting in the zone, and breaking bad habits, but to sum it up, fight people who make you work for it. focus on the fight. if u catch your self going auto, just take a deep breath and find out why you are wigging out. after a while your thoughts will become lightning speed and become second nature. you will no longer ponder a fight but merely fight the moment, and things will slow down, you just have to get there by hard practice, and constantly analyzing the fights, both during and after. it’s difficult to explain, but just remember to learn from those who pwn you, and learn from your mistakes. train hard and WANT victory and you’ll get there.


What caused your auto pilot? You must have learned to play that way at some point. I had an auto pilot problem when I first got into SF4 because of so much time playing against the CPU. I would just space off and go through the motions. Took awhile to learn to think clearly once I started playing online. Now I avoid the CPU at all costs. If I play too much against the CPU all those auto pilot habits start to rush back in.