The Salty Runback 7 - MvC3/SSF4 - Best Western Plus Executive - July 23rd

Some important changes for the upcoming event.


Best Western Plus Executive, 200 Taylor Avenue N Seattle, Washington 98109, United States
200 Taylor Avenue N Seattle, Washington 98109, United States - Google Maps


All tournaments are BYOC (bring your own controller)

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 singles
Double-elimination format
Entry fee: $10.00
Payouts for top 4 (65/20/10/5)
Each match is best 2/3 games
Winners/Losers/Grand finals are best 3/5
Winner must keep same team. Loser can switch teams.
Top 4 from the previous tournament will be seeded (Row, Peachy, Yzae B, Wenzel)
No turbo or programmable controllers are allowed. Using one will cost you a game. You are allowed to map buttons using the in game controller settings.
Pausing during a match will cost you the game.

Super Street Fighter 4 AE singles
Double-elimination format
Payouts for top 4 (65/20/10/5)
Entry fee: $10.00
Each match is best 2/3 games
Winners/Losers/Grand finals are best 3/5
Winner must keep same character. Losing can switch characters
Top 4 from the previous singles tournament will be seeded (Josh P, Afrocole, Nelson, Vivek)
No turbo or programmable controllers are allowed. Using one will cost you a round. You are allowed to map buttons using the in game controller settings.
Pausing during a match will cost you a round.

Side Tournaments:

Tekken 6

(There will be seperate registration stations for the side tournaments)


Saturday, July 23rd
Doors open at 6:00, tournaments begin at 8:00


I need people to bring setups for this weekend. This includes consoles/monitors. Trying to get 8 full setups (4 per game). Xbox only plz. I will waive $5 off the entry fee for 1 of the tournaments if you bring a setup. I also need a laptop that we can run a second instance of tio on (as opposed to doing both games on one machine) and someone who can help run the brackets (preferably someone not entering any tournaments). This is only open to the first 7 people who confirm with me that they are bringing a setup.

  1. Me (360+monitor, both games)
  2. Hyre

Future Events

Tournaments will take place every 3 weeks from now until EVO. Dates for future events are as follows:
July 23rd

Venue Details

We will have the bar and restaurant open to us. Minors will be allowed in the restaurant, but can’t go into the bar area unless they have a wristband. Come see me to get one.

You can get to Brella’s through either the main hotel entrance, or the side entrance on Taylor. The restaurant is right next to the lobby. There aren’t any guests staying around there, but please don’t go wandering the halls.

There is very limited parking in the hotel lot. However, there is a LOT of street parking available around the hotel. This is free after 6pm. You can also park in the hotel garage if you validate inside. Make sure not to park on Taylor on the same side of the street as the hotel. There is no parking on that side after 11, and you will be ticketed.

We are getting the same $3 dollar food and drink special we got at Sixth Ave Inn. The kitchen will be open until midnight.

Sales of food and drink are what allows us to use the hotel. They are not charging a venue fee or taking part of the pot. The food is good, and the prices they are giving us are pretty nuts, so please spend money. I will be pushing really hard on this point.

Same deal as before on outside food and drinks. If you’re gonna do it, eat it before you get there.

We are looking for additional setups for the event. Preferably monitors and Xboxes. Currently need 2 more. If you provide a setup, I will waive your entry fee (first 2 people to post).

I can be there around 7pm and can bring my asus monitor and ps3 with one te stick if that helps.
Free entry would be great considering this will be my 1st versus series game I’ve played since sf vs xman.

Big shoutouts to cookies and future for making this happen. Let’s hope that people can make this a successful event/venue!

I can probably bring my xbox/game.

Also how is parking? Should we try to carpool with people?

sigh guess ill come lol

Barry, I’m okay with 1 ps3 setup. Does someone else have a ps3 stick they can bring (and may be willing to let people use)?

Frank, there is a decent amount of parking in the street, plus open spots in the lot. However, it is downtown, so carpooling would probably be a good idea.

real talk no mcdonalds or we’ll have to step outside

Wow thanks for setting this up. I suggest everyone keep it classy and lay off that low budget gamer vibe that has caused trouble in the past. $3 wells is nice.

Man I wish I could go to this.

Can’t make this first one, but this is looking nice. Looking to be at future events.

Looking forward to this!

damn age limit lol

I can bring my setup MHC!!

Game, Xbox, LAGLESS HD monitor. I’m all about free entry to this tournament :slight_smile:

Good stuff. Probably goes without saying, but everyone bringing a setup should have a copy of the game. Try and have everyone unlocked when you get there (this shouldn’t take long at all).

I will have the game, picking it up tonight at midnight, and will make sure all characters are unlocked.
If we park in the hotel is the parking free? Garage? I don’t like parking my car on the street.
I do have access to two ps3 se sticks with sanwa parts in them if needed. I know some people including myself don’t like the shape, but they work fine.
Have you got the menu yet?
Thanks MHC for making this happen.
Let me know if I can help in any other way.

Holy crap. Good shit for mike on the venue. This is fucking epic. Let me know if you need anymore setups.

Wanted to get feedback on the menu items the hotel is proposing for us on Saturdays. They are offering each item for $3, same as the drinks:

Chicken Wings
Spring Rolls
Pulled Pork Quesadilla
Patato Skins w/ chicken
Zucchini Coins

We can get them to add/remove things if there is demand. Let me know what your thoughts are.

This looks awesome, I’ll be there with a setup and my son.

Is your son 21? The tournament is in the bar area, and the hotel doesn’t allow minors there.

I’ve already gotten commitments for enough setups for the tournament, but feel free to bring it anyway. If someone doesn’t come through it’s good to have backups.

Mike are you gonna be asking the hotel staff about possibly allowing minors in the future? As cool as this whole thing sounds it really sucks to be missing out because of an age limit.