The "Sampras Returns" tourney results

beastly 3s. some vids were recorded dunno where
5 contestants

  1. tomzo aka phat-pig
  2. sampras aka white-money aka drug-say
  3. cyrus aka better then brandon
  4. brandon aka worse then cyrus
  5. jay “i came 3rd at t5”

awaiting tommy to flame me for making this thread

:confused: Was this at York U after all? :confused:

:tup: Good shit Sampras. Glad to have you back. :tup:

this was at sampras’s place.
no we didnt have a tourney at york lol.
i’ll definitely try to find you on msn at some point and get good advice on which date is a good day to have a mythic tourney @ cove

5 whole players. Good to see 3S still brings out numbers. GS to all.

All the 3S players must’ve been in New York today. There were 40 of us for 3S up here.

i love you cyrus

lol… fukkin worst casuals ever… 5 players and 2 sticks. at least we had burgers.

offical results:

3S - 5 entrants

  1. PhastestPig (ken/ryu/urien/chun)
  2. Crux (dudley)
  3. Cyrus (ken)
  4. DG (urien/ken)
  5. Yellows4 (dudley)

my match vids will be up tomorrow haha… since that was all that was recorded.