The Sand Box: PS3/Live Felicia Player Meet-Up Thread



Saw a similar topic on the Amaterasu sub-forum and though it would be a good idea to have one here too. Together, let’s discover strategies and other things! Names are listed as follows, SRK Names- Gamertag. I’ll update this periodically.

CatBox Live

UltimaShadow7- UltimaShadow7
Windsagio- windsagio
CrispyTacoz- CrispyTacoz
KashaPsychoJosh- PsychoJosh
Street Ryder87- Street Ryder87
Tommy_TSW- The Spiritwolf
i luv azn chix- i luv azn chix
Bi-on-iC- BilobateGenie8
Sugami- Sugami
arcanajustice- ArcanaVII


the7k - the_7k
Hawkingbird- Hawkingbird
ChibiMana- ChibiMana
Hentekorino- Hente
BB Hood01- TheBBHShow
Jordan <3- JordanSRK
The Epidemic- La_Epidemic
Thinobuns- thinobuns
IronMan42- Iron_42


Catbox live <3


I’ll definitely be using Feli once I get my hands on a copy.

PSN: the_7k


I’ll be using Felicia on dat triple.


See you guys in the Catbox.


Yep Felicia for me as well.


Been lurking the Felicia thread/board for a long while now. I’ll be on PSN!


Not sure which I’ll be on just yet. But I will definitely be using my favorite catgirl of all time.


Another Felicia over on PSN reporting in. :3


My LIVE ran out today. How unfortunate. :frowning: I’ll get it back running by Monday! See y’all cats on the box.


Ready to Nyaaa~

Xbox Gamertag: The Spiritwolf


Got my LIVE back today, so earlier than Monday is good for meow. :3


I got Felicia on lock with Captain America and Zero on PSN. Get at me!


Xbox Gamertag: The Spiritwolf (with a space :P)
Keen to focus on Felicia for a while. Still toying with team mates.


European players add me, will be getting the game friday (:


Anybody down to join me on the Box tomorrow? I’ll host on Live.


i planned on using felicia until i unlocked hsien… but then i fell in love

if only i could play morrigan properly then i’d run team DS… for now its felicia/cap/thor with hsien as a sub

feel free to add me… i have it on both but i’m manly on the catbox live (lol)…



Message me if you want in. :3


Word of warning, I suck. Stupid 360 controller…


I’ll join in on this list.

Xbox Live: Omicron Austin

Felicia forever, men. FOREVER.