The Santa Cruz Country Thread

New Santa Cruz Thread!!!

Hey i was wondering if any people around Santa Cruz plays CvS2, MvC2, SFIII…well you get the point. This includes places like Capitola, Scotts Valley, Felton, UCSC, Cabrillo, Aptos…well agian you get the point. I also felt that SC needed a thread so we could plan games ahead.

Shit i messed up the title it should say County instead of Country my bad :frowning:

i played at santa cruz once at the boardwalk, had 2 fun matches against a k groover.

Everytime I’ve gone to the Boardwalk it’s been a frickin’ slaughter. Is there any competition in Santa Cruz? Are there other places to play?

There are only a few good players around here…every one else sucks. Which is why i made this topic to see if there are any really good players to play against that i dont know about in the area.

I go to UCSC now, but I’m probably classified as one of those who suck. I’ll check out the boardwalk though… Mostly just posting this to get my name out there as a member of Shoryuken AND of the school.

Are there any places to play in Santa Cruz besides the Boardwalk? UCSC possibly, if they let non-students in…?

Well there is a arcade in Scotts Valley (which is a 5 min drive from Santa Cruz) called Special Effects. That is where all the good players go becasue its nice and small barely any1 goes there compared to the boardwalk…so it kinda nice.

How do you get there off of 17, and when are the players there?

Hey, just checking out the players around Santa Cruz. I’m currently going to UCSC, and was wondering if there are any players on campus willing to play. I go to Cowell college, Beard House, #412. If you wanna get together and play or something, just hit me up or visit me. if you want my number, just pm me. haha. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it to the boardwalk, but playin some on cmapus players would be savage. later


come over and play me in SNK2 sometime. Call me at 831 502 4517, I’m at college Eight Apts 2302.

Ask for Mike

Guess I have to revive this thing…
Anyone know if the boardwalk has gotten T5 yet? Also hows the MvC2 machine in the mall? Seems pretty random and I’ve never seen a single person play it :frowning: SC needs 3rd strike damn it. What ever happend to the arcade that was in the mall? Seems like they were up on the new stuff, I remember the first time I saw XvsSF there…memmooriieess.

Oh shit I forgot all about this thread. Yes The boardwalk does have T5, but its a dollar to play :frowning: And the arcade that was in the mall closed down a while ago. But there are some pretty decent 3s players in SC, very few, but good. And not that many people play CvS2 anymore we all play 3s now.

YO what up santa cruz peeps imma be in santa cruz today so i’m just curious if any of you fools are going to be there and shit If so I hope we have good games at whatever that has a crowd.

Good games today in cvs2 for anyone I played I was the black fool with the blue hoodie using rugal. Also good games in t5 as well. Damn the fun center at the boardwalk has hella games over their i’m surprisethere’s barly any competion for it.

Very Nice games with the big guy with the psp who works over their you have good shotos man.

Man that one guy Leezy, it seems he plays everywhere…

Shit I went on Wednesday night and it was pretty empty. I can’t hang with the CvS2 machine and the sideways like joystick set up. It confuses my simple mind. And tekken 5 being a buck a play for a quick 2/3 match = boooo. 8 bucks a card too, damn.

Yeah the sideways was kind of weird for cvs2 and sticks are kind of messed up dearly one side you can barly go diagnal and the other well it’s a bit more better still feels not perfect though.

I was shocked as well when I saw that T5 card cost 8 bucks damn there ripping off suckers over there real good.

YO though you guys said you play 3rdstrike now so where is the machine at in santa cruz you use or do you just play at your guys’s houses.

thread revive part II…

my friend reminded me of this last night, thought i’d post here as well seeing as i haven’t yet.

Rage02fire, yes we mainly play 3s, but unfortunately there is no cab at the boardwalk. even if they did have one, i’m sure it wouldn’t really be a quality cabinet either. So we just play 3s/whatever either at my place or at THChardcore’s. Also, we both own sticks (2 american and 2 japanese among the both of us), so sticks are pretty much covered.

If anyone drops by santa cruz and wants to play with the gamers here, feel free to drop me a line. i’m always down to play with new/more people.

now lets see if this can stay alive a bit longer, even though santa cruz is pretty dead… we can use this to organize something weekly, for people visiting SC, or whatever.

anyone play cvs2/mvc2? I actually go to SC alot. I don’t play cvs2 at all but I’ll play whatever has most people playing. except 3s, I don’t like that game. where’s the best arcade to go to play people? I’ll prolly be going next week. let me know asap