The Sanwa and Seimitsu FAQ


Yeah, best case for me would be to have competitions in there, I have been looking at Korean Crown stuff, but there’s no spring in there, so it won’t feel the same. I was thinking that the hard part would be after you cut the spring and the threaded area, would it hold together well enough? I guess you’d have to use some epoxy or something to hold it together. It’d be awesome of you if you could see if it would hold up after being modded like that! Thing is, the button might feel weird after it’s modded like that, which might defeat the purpose… So yeah, definitely try it out, and keep me posted.


I’ve got a question related to getting sanwa and seimitsu parts so this thread was probably my best choice to post it.

I have a friend who is going to go to Japan to study abroad, and well, since she’s going to Japan, I figured, hey why not have her get me some arcade parts while over there, then bring them back here? Anyways, my question is where do they sell these parts over in Japan? Can you buy them at specialized hobby shops, or do you still have to order parts straight from the company?



Thanks. So for all other fighting games like super turbo , cvs2, and melty blood they use sanwa or does it depends on the game/Arcade?


Go to Akihabara there are a few shops like Mak Japan that stock some parts.

It of course varies, I just mention SBO because it’s the biggest tourney. Just go with whatever you like better.



Which is more durable; microswitches or leaf switches. Does any company still use leaf switches?


Microswitches. That’s why most arcade companies use microswitches instead of leaf switches. They can withstand more activations.


In your opinion, which stick do you think is better a wico bat top or a happ comp. Cause i had brought a few awhile ago and i never got the chance to see whihc one play better.


Never used a Wico before and if I have, I wasn’t aware of it


I figured classic is so much better…plus they sold a set of 2 on ebay a while of ago.


I know this question has been asked before but how easy is it, to take off the mounting plate on a JLF-TP-8YT?


It’s easy. The 4 screws are fit very tightly though, so make sure to use a screwdriver with a large enough head for a good fit, as it’ll require some force. You don’t want to damage the screws.


k thanks.


would Sanwa OBSF-30 fit into a namco arcade stick?


A lot of redundant questions on this board:confused:


Hi I’m new to the whole Custom stick building and was wondering what’s the recommended wood thickness of the top panel minus the lexan/polycarbonate if i’m putting 30mm Sanwa screw-in buttons? Sorry if this has been asked cause i couldnt find the answer.


I have a Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting cabinet, can i just buy Sanwa or Seimitsu parts & install it with out modding anything? I believe the Control Panel is made out thin metal.


On one of my sticks the Sanwa JLF has gotten very loose. The throw on it is huge now which makes it pretty tough for me to play games like ST and Guilty Gear. Does anyone know if there is some way to tighten up a JLF? I have a couple of others that are in sticks not really in use right now but I don’t want to have to go swapping out sticks if I don’t have to.


Hi, I just brought a LS-32-02 and installed it in my hrap 2. When play 3rd strike I’ve been having problems doing fireball motions and i notice that the corners feel sorta jagged and sharp, So i opened it up and found out it was the blue restrictor plate has rounded edges.Is it ok to take the plate off or is there another solution to my problem. Thanks.


It has a square restrictor. All japanese style sticks have them. The stock Sanwa JLF that comes with your HRAP2 should’ve felt the same way. Try not to follow the edges to do your QCF motions. Just practice and get used to it, buy an octagonal restrictor for your JLF, or buy a Sanwa JLW w/ round restrictor.


Having a total panel thickness of more than 10mm won’t really work for screw ins.

If it currently has US parts in it, then yes you’ll have to mod it.

Replace the spring with a tighter one. Also, the throw won’t become larger with time. Throw is always set. It never increases or decreases without physical modification to the joystick.

You can remove the restrictor, but it will not change the movement of the LS-32 stick. Also, TingBoy is correct in what he said.