The Sanwa and Seimitsu FAQ


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would Sanwa OBSF-30 fit into a namco arcade stick?


A lot of redundant questions on this board:confused:


Hi I’m new to the whole Custom stick building and was wondering what’s the recommended wood thickness of the top panel minus the lexan/polycarbonate if i’m putting 30mm Sanwa screw-in buttons? Sorry if this has been asked cause i couldnt find the answer.


I have a Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting cabinet, can i just buy Sanwa or Seimitsu parts & install it with out modding anything? I believe the Control Panel is made out thin metal.


On one of my sticks the Sanwa JLF has gotten very loose. The throw on it is huge now which makes it pretty tough for me to play games like ST and Guilty Gear. Does anyone know if there is some way to tighten up a JLF? I have a couple of others that are in sticks not really in use right now but I don’t want to have to go swapping out sticks if I don’t have to.


Hi, I just brought a LS-32-02 and installed it in my hrap 2. When play 3rd strike I’ve been having problems doing fireball motions and i notice that the corners feel sorta jagged and sharp, So i opened it up and found out it was the blue restrictor plate has rounded edges.Is it ok to take the plate off or is there another solution to my problem. Thanks.


It has a square restrictor. All japanese style sticks have them. The stock Sanwa JLF that comes with your HRAP2 should’ve felt the same way. Try not to follow the edges to do your QCF motions. Just practice and get used to it, buy an octagonal restrictor for your JLF, or buy a Sanwa JLW w/ round restrictor.


Having a total panel thickness of more than 10mm won’t really work for screw ins.

If it currently has US parts in it, then yes you’ll have to mod it.

Replace the spring with a tighter one. Also, the throw won’t become larger with time. Throw is always set. It never increases or decreases without physical modification to the joystick.

You can remove the restrictor, but it will not change the movement of the LS-32 stick. Also, TingBoy is correct in what he said.



What is the easiest way to get yo the spring in the JLF? I have never disassembled one of them and woudn’t know where to begin.


Remove the e-clip on the bottom of the shaft and the rest will be automatic :).


on the subject of e-clips, is there an easy way to remove the LS-32 e-clip?

I’ve had ago but it feels as though it may snap if I use too much force.


i dunno. seems easy to take off for me. Just take a flate head screw driver and pry it off.


Removing the clip off the LS-32 you need a special tool like this one:

Small video I just made:


Do I have to buy that thing from freagin’ Seimitsu or can I grab that at my local electrical tool and supply house?

I guess I gotta go look n’ see next week. :wgrin:


In Sweden you can get them anywhere, should be no problem in the land of the free.


nice one per, just what i was looking for.

There called circlip pliers if anyones interested.


anyone has the dimension of sanwa JLF? maybe I missed it when I was looking through this thread but I didn’t see it.
also I only see the height of the stick, what’s the length and width of this?


I’m just wondering, is the Sanwa JLF still the most popular stick for fighting games in Japan now? From what I have heard, a lot of 2d fighters are now using the Seimitsu LS-32 series in cabinets instead of the Sanwa, and vice versa for 3d fighting games. Just seeing if anybody can confirm/deny this.


I would like to know that. Plus, what is the OEM stick used for Melty Blood and Guilty gear?

One more thing, will the Seimitsu microswitch fit in a Hori button? Ps-14-g to be exact.