The Sanwa and Seimitsu FAQ


Do I have to buy that thing from freagin’ Seimitsu or can I grab that at my local electrical tool and supply house?

I guess I gotta go look n’ see next week. :wgrin:


In Sweden you can get them anywhere, should be no problem in the land of the free.


nice one per, just what i was looking for.

There called circlip pliers if anyones interested.


anyone has the dimension of sanwa JLF? maybe I missed it when I was looking through this thread but I didn’t see it.
also I only see the height of the stick, what’s the length and width of this?


I’m just wondering, is the Sanwa JLF still the most popular stick for fighting games in Japan now? From what I have heard, a lot of 2d fighters are now using the Seimitsu LS-32 series in cabinets instead of the Sanwa, and vice versa for 3d fighting games. Just seeing if anybody can confirm/deny this.


I would like to know that. Plus, what is the OEM stick used for Melty Blood and Guilty gear?

One more thing, will the Seimitsu microswitch fit in a Hori button? Ps-14-g to be exact.




I believe the LS-32 are used in most older games like 3rd strike, CvS2, alpha 3, super turbo, etc and the sanwa jlf are used in the newer 2d games like guity gears, melty blood,Arcana heart full!, and most 3d games i.e: tekken 5: dr and virtua fighter.


so a JLW and a JLF only differ in feel and wiring, and the kind of restrictor plates you can get from them?

also, I was planning on using a JLF with an octagonal gate but I read a few pages earlier that octagon plates have problems with diagonals, is this a legitimate concern or is more of a player preference thing?


Just a quick question, the Seimitsu PS-14K snap-in at 2 3 or 4 mm material thickness right ?


Ok, y’all I need some help on this one:
What stick is this?
AFAIK it looks like an old Seimitsu does anyone know the model?


Looks like a Seimitsu LS-32 (no -01)




Seimitsu LS-32 with a Sega custom mounting plate intended to fit their Astro City and older arcade panels (newer panels use a different design).


Can I use newer LS-32’s? It looks like the mounting plate is welded on.


While the mounting bracket is probably welded to the panel the mounting plate should be attached to the stick body with screws. In order to get the correct mounting depth/shaft length you’ll have to remove those plates and reuse them with your replacement joysticks.


I think it’s more of a preference thing. I play worse on a square gate myself.

The best thing to do is just get both and see which one you like better.


Can anyone who’s up to speed with the different Seimitsu buttons confirm whether they all have the same feel to them please?

To explain what I mean by this, I made a stick using PS-14-G snap in buttons and prior to this had used both happ competition pro and sanwa OBSF’s. The sanwa buttons are too sensitive for my liking, only requiring you rest your finger gently on top of the button to activate it, the happ competition buttons require you actually push the button down to activate it, the PS-14-G buttons also require you actually push the button down to activate it (aswell as having an pretty flat top).

I’m looking at various suppliers of Seimitsu buttons and not all suppliers stock the PS-14-G buttons, i’m not too fussed about the shape of the buttons but can anyone confirm if there are other buttons (for example are all seimitsu buttons like this?) that require a full push to activate rather than the very sensitive sanwa buttons?


Got a weird question…if I got the Seimitsu LS-32-01, would I be able to put the LS-32 mounting plate on it? Would it use the same mounting points as the Sanwa JLF-TP-8T?


So the new ('07/'08) Seimitsu catalogue doesn’t seem to mention skeleton or pearl buttons… PS-14-K and PS-14-K, respectively. Have they been discontinued?


I believe the PS-14-K and PS-14-P have been discontinued, but Seimitsu has released the new PS-14-KN, which is just a screw-in version of the PS-14-K. Check Per’s thread for pictures.