The Sanwa and Seimitsu FAQ


I don’t think mods with sticky this thread since they are trying to keep the stickies to a minimum. It would be nice for it to be included in the Essential Stick Building Thread or whatever though. Oh well, doesn’t matter to me.

The Sanwa Flash is basically a JLF stick with a different PCB. You also have a few extra things like the 3-pin which is used for the 5V (to power optics), rubber ring, and clear plastic ring (both used between the PCB and the base of the stick).

Being the same as the JLF, it uses the same mounting plates and can be mounted the same exact way. It also uses the same restrictors/gates as the JLF.

I will probably add a Flash1 section to the FAQ soon, since Per is probably going to get the Flash1 back for us even if it is a limited run.



I’m looking to make my first stick using a sanwa JLF-TP-8YT. Never made a joystick before so really very new to this.

I WAS planning on using a 1/2" thick surface as the top surface of my base (probably using MDF), looking at the pics of the sanwa sticks and mounting plates it appears that the plate sits on top of the main components (of the joystick) with the stick coming out from that. So in 1/2" thick board would I be attaching the mounting plate to the underside with the stick obviously sticking through a hole?

That seems to be how to mount the stick, but this would leave very little shaft (after going through 1/2" of board) sticking out the top.

If this is the correct way of mounting the stick is it possible to use 1/4" board with a circular hole for the stick and another 1/4" board underneath it with the hole for the stick/mounting plate?


Your post was kind of convoluted but basically if you top you have to make a hole through the top panel that is are enough to fit the base of the joystick. In addition to that you must make a recess around that hole so that the mounting plate will sit inside of it. When you’re done with the top panel it should look something like this:

When you put the JLF in that area, the mounting plate and joystick will fit in that area and the mounting plate will be BELOW the top panel. NOT sitting on top. It should not even be flush with the top panel otherwise it will be sitting a little too high.

Hope that is helpful. If you want, you can read my other thread and find out more, but I do not suggest you follow it since it’s a more advanced method of building sticks that only TheRealNeoGeo (you could call him my mentor, heh heh) and myself use, but there might be some other helpful information for you.



Cheers Paik, sorry if I wasn’t very clear with my question, but you’ve given me the answer I needed anyway.

edit* How do you make a recess? is there a particular tool or method for doing that? (sorry I did electrics at school instead of woodwork)


That’s my journal/tutorial on how I build my sticks. You don’t want to follow it honestly because it’s too advanced for you at this stage. But there is a section for mounting the joystick. Check there. If you have any ore questions post up again either here or in that thread.



OooooOOO get you! :rofl:

Sorry I had already found that thread and had already answered my own question. Should of posted back to say i’d managed.

So far i’ve got my sanwa stick and buttons ready and waiting and have cut my MDF to size this morning, found a friend that owns a router and will be over this coming week to make my recess for the stick. Cheers again for the help, much appreciated.


T5 stick mod question:

T5 stick mod question:
Can I put in a sanwa LB30N instead of JLF joystick


Yes, you can just replace the stock balltop on the T5 stick with the LB30N bat top.



On the US T5 stick, can a seimitsu ls-32/ls-32-01 be installed? i noticed the mounting area is not the same as the hrap series as the hori stick is not mounted on with a plate so would i need the ls-32 flat mounting plate or the ls-32-01 s-shape mounting plate? or no mounting plate? thanks.


Yes, you can mount an LS-32. You will probably have to drill new holes in your mounting plate or the brackets on the T5 since I dont’ believe they will align. You will want an s-shaped plate since the LS-32 has a shorter shaft and you will want it to mount as high as possible. Since you will want the s-shaped plate, I would recommend just going and getting the LS-32-01. It comes stock with the s-shaped plate and with a PCB and wires harness which make things easier anyway.



Just tought on hoping by and give fat props to you Paik4Life. Kickass guide. Many thanks.


How is a Sanwa BAT-top going to compare to say a Happ competition?




Ah sorry, missed your question. I can’t honestly compare them due to the fact that it’s been a long time since I’ve played on a US style stick. In terms of size, they are roughly the same, but the stick won’t feel like a US style just because of the bat top attachment obviously. It’ll still feel like a Jap stick for all intents and purposes. If you’re worried then I say to buy it. It’s not that expensive and you can always take it off if you don’t like it.



I can’t let this thread die…I put too much time into making it! Bump it up!



It has been a good thread so far. Sanwa was on top for a while, but Seimitsu got up with a dragon punch and hasn’t relented since.


I just put a LS 40 in my HRAP, is that as good as ths LS 32? It seems a bit tighter to play with from what I can tell.


Updated the first post to reflect the new catalogues.

Well, LS-32 is more often used and is said to be the “best” of the Seimitsu line, especially for fighting games, but it’s all opinion.



So now that Sanwa has the new button color with the black beazel , is it now possible to make Seimitsu button colors with sanwa buttons?


Yes, in a sense. You can obviously change out the plunge from any other 30 mm button and have yourself a Seimitsu like button. I’ve talk to Per about this, and he is going to see if Sanwa would be willing to do more/all colors with the black bezel. That would be nice. The only bad part that remains is that it’s snap-in. No black bezel screw ins.