The Sanwa and Seimitsu FAQ


So now that Sanwa has the new button color with the black beazel , is it now possible to make Seimitsu button colors with sanwa buttons?


Yes, in a sense. You can obviously change out the plunge from any other 30 mm button and have yourself a Seimitsu like button. I’ve talk to Per about this, and he is going to see if Sanwa would be willing to do more/all colors with the black bezel. That would be nice. The only bad part that remains is that it’s snap-in. No black bezel screw ins.



I was curious.

For the Tekken stick, would Sanwa OBSN-30 Buttons and a Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Gate fit into the stick? A friend is looking to mod his stick with better buttons and a octagonal gate. So I was suggesting these, but was’nt too sure if they would be compatible.


The octagon gate only fits onto JLF series. The stock T5 stick is not JLF. It’s not even Sanwa. So, the answer is no.

No real arcade buttons will fit in without modification. But if you do the correct modding, yes they will fit.



Alright, I was’nt too sure so I just wanted to get that cleared up, well, the button question anyways. I just completly forgot that the gate only fits into the JLF series and did’nt take that into consideration. D’oh!

Oh yeah, great thread!


Actually you’re wrong, HRAP1 layout, also known as console layout is found to be on Super Neo 29 Cabinets if you make the cabinet an 8 button cabinet, so it’s Neo Geo Layout. HRAP2 layout is well the other cabs (versus city, blast city, naomi, and cyberlead?) layouts.


Actually he is not. Take a look at any Astro City-format 2L12B panel manufactured by Seimitsu or Sega, you’ll see each player’s button layout is rotated differently. For panels manufactured by Sanwa the difference is much less noticeable though.


Quick and easy question:

On a LS-32 stick (the one without the pcb) which tab is the ground? The top one or the bottom one.


Either is fine.



The semitsu ls32-01 feels much more like a comp than a sanwa. Granted I’ve only played one once (sanwa) , but you can definitely feel the corners on a semitsu, the only diff between the comp and semitsu is that because semitsu has such a short path around the stick, the diagonals are deep, so take Ryu for example, if you push down, diagonal, and forward the red fireball will come out because the diagonal is so close to down, so you do the motion diagonal forward. Wierd at first but after you get used to it, its pretty nice. So after having a jap stick for a few months I can play on an american just fine, but I really like how precise they are, and how quickly they respond.


I knew that was true for the buttons but I didnt know it was true for the actual joystick.


hmmm in this thread, it was confirmed that the octagon gate can fit in a T5 stick with a little mod on the gate


You know, I totally forgot about the jumpsuit mod and all the sticks it works for. Thanks for pointing that out! Sorry for the lapse in intelligence iAHVB!



I’ve been lurking these forums for a while and I’m thinking of building a custom stick. However, I can’t decide whether to put in a Sanwa or Seimitsu stick. Now, I know it all comes down to personal preference, but it would be very helpful for me if anyone could compare the feel of the JLF and/or LS-32 compared to the stick on a Hori SC2 joystick, since I own one.

Any comparisons on Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons vs the buttons on the Hori would also be greatly appreciated.


3 quick questions…

i know you need a 1 1/8" bit to drill holes for the 30mm buttons, but what size bit for the 24mm buttons?.. i assume it doesn’t matter if they are screw in correct?

also, do you need a special tool to tighten down the screw in sanwa buttons?

Thanks in advance


emphrygian: I would say that the stock SC2 joystick would feel more like an LS-32. And the stock buttons would feel like the normal Seimitsu PS-14-G.

Lupus: For 30mm you need a 1-3/16" tool. For 24mm you need a 15/16" tool. And unlike Happ buttons, you do NOT need a special tool to tighten the screw-ins for Sanwa or Seimitsu.



do you use a particular ratchet then? or is finger tightening sufficient? Thanks again homie.


Just your fingers : )



You’re the man Paik… loving your stick by the way… i’ve spent some more time with it recently and love it… octagon gate just came in yesterday and can’t wait to pop it open and check out your wiring

thanks again homie


Any idea if anyone’s done a writeup on how to mod a CPS Fighter stick with sanwa parts?