The Sanwa and Seimitsu FAQ


hmmm in this thread, it was confirmed that the octagon gate can fit in a T5 stick with a little mod on the gate


You know, I totally forgot about the jumpsuit mod and all the sticks it works for. Thanks for pointing that out! Sorry for the lapse in intelligence iAHVB!



I’ve been lurking these forums for a while and I’m thinking of building a custom stick. However, I can’t decide whether to put in a Sanwa or Seimitsu stick. Now, I know it all comes down to personal preference, but it would be very helpful for me if anyone could compare the feel of the JLF and/or LS-32 compared to the stick on a Hori SC2 joystick, since I own one.

Any comparisons on Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons vs the buttons on the Hori would also be greatly appreciated.


3 quick questions…

i know you need a 1 1/8" bit to drill holes for the 30mm buttons, but what size bit for the 24mm buttons?.. i assume it doesn’t matter if they are screw in correct?

also, do you need a special tool to tighten down the screw in sanwa buttons?

Thanks in advance


emphrygian: I would say that the stock SC2 joystick would feel more like an LS-32. And the stock buttons would feel like the normal Seimitsu PS-14-G.

Lupus: For 30mm you need a 1-3/16" tool. For 24mm you need a 15/16" tool. And unlike Happ buttons, you do NOT need a special tool to tighten the screw-ins for Sanwa or Seimitsu.



do you use a particular ratchet then? or is finger tightening sufficient? Thanks again homie.


Just your fingers : )



You’re the man Paik… loving your stick by the way… i’ve spent some more time with it recently and love it… octagon gate just came in yesterday and can’t wait to pop it open and check out your wiring

thanks again homie


Any idea if anyone’s done a writeup on how to mod a CPS Fighter stick with sanwa parts?


Anyone know if the Seimitsu LS 32-01 has extra play in the stick? I’ve got an HRAP2 that I just put it in. The stock Sanwa was nice but I heard alot of things about the 32-01 that I figured I’d like, including a stiffer spring and a shorter throw. Well that’s all well and good but when I push the stick in a direction, after it hits the restrictor, the top part of the stick moves an 1/8th of an inch past where the restrictor is supposed to stop it. This is because of all the vertical play in the stick itself (you can pull it up and down just like Sanwa’s). The stick DOES stop at the restrictor but since of the vertical play, it moves up and over in the direction that I’m throwing it in. I don’t know if any of that makes sense, it’s hard to explain it. In any case, it kinda defeats the purpose of switching over to this stick since the throw ends up being the same as the Sanwa’s. Does anyone have that issue or do I have faulty equipment?


Taiki, the CPS Fighter Stick would be pretty odd to mod considering the stock buttons are small and close to each other. The stick is fairly thin and would be difficult to mount a stick. I haven’t even looked at mine that close because it doesn’t seem to be a reasonable stick to even attempt.

H82, I’m not really sure what you’re describing but I have never had a problem with the LS-32 moving past the restrictor. Most of the time, my shaft hits the metal base piece before it even has a chance to hit the plastic restrictor piece. I mean, yeah if you put a really strong force on any stick, it will have vertical play that will lift the stick out of it’s normal path. But if you’re doing that, then you’re just not playing correctly. : )



well, looks like I get the task of doing that write up then. :slight_smile: After seeing the mod of the NeoGeo old style home stick with Sanwas, I figured it was POSSIBLE…

I finally broke my CPS Fighter Stick apart and finding that there is more than enough space to fit screw in 24mm sanwas for the buttons and maybe an LS-32 for the stick. I prefer sanwa, so i’m going to try to shoehorn a JLF first


Keep the stock stick, it’s Sanwa anyway.


How do 24mm buttons compare with 30mm buttons? Is there any difference beyond size?


They use the same kind of microswitch so there shouldn’t be any difference in performance.


is it? I’d rather have a JLF in any case.


It’s a Sanwa JLW.


It’s not the JLW that Sanwa’s selling now. When I have a few spare minutes, I’ll take pics… Looks more like a Hori or even seimitsu…


I could take pics too, it’s unmistakably a JLW with Sanwa written on it.


Do you have a Japanese CPS Fighter?