The Saturn D-Pad,really?

I was doing some research and heard from multiple sources that the sega saturn japanese (model 2) controller has the best d-pad to ever exist.
Is this true? and if so is there a way this can work on the xbox 360 or PS2. I need to try this out now.
I have a hori ex2 stick , it’s good and all but I just rather have the best d-pad ever than the best stick ever.

Sega released PS2 “saturn” pads a while back. They go on Ebay for about $70 a pop. You can get a USB one on Ebay as well for the PS3 and PC. As for the Xbox360, either get a XCM converter or just wait for the SF4 Fightpad.

There’s a Saturn PS2 pad which had a limited run. It’s stupid expensive now ~$150 and I haven’t seen one for sell in a while. If you have a PS3 you can either purchase the USB version of it or buy a Saturn to USB adapter.

On the 360 you should wait for the new MadCatz pad. It’s supposed to be modeled after of the Saturn pad.

If you are really good at soldering you could try what I did.

Get the NeoGeo dpad, in my experience it is a thousand times better than the Saturn pad.

saturn pads own but they wear out really fast for me. the neogeo pad has a great feel but it lasted way longer for me. if i had to choose i would go with a neogeo. its really up to you though. also dont count out the madcatz SF4 pad they are basically a saturnpad.

yea the madcatz ones sound great so far

I’ve got a problem with mine. I’ve got the USB Saturn pad and the bottom left diagonal input is pretty stiff. To do Iori’s Rolling Punches, I have to jab a bit harder at the lower left corner.

Any way to loosen it up?

I have the Darkstalkers version PS2 saturn pad, and while I loved playing the games on the saturn because of the controller(and ram cart), I cant seem to pull off 360s on the ps2 saturn pad:sad:

Crazy to see they are going for so much though. Maybe I should ebay mine…

If you are willing to have a little clip on the top of the controller for attaching a microphone you could aways see about grabbing a copy of Seaman 2, which shipped with a pad + mic.

edit: the shoulder buttons are pretty fragile though. Just a heads up/

Does anyone know how to loosen up a slightly stiff dpad?

PSX/PS2/PS3 d-pad > Saturn dpad


That’s all it is…opinion.

I just love the Saturn D-pad

Quick question, why do all the Saturn dpads I see linked look like the one in this auction?

My official Sega dpads look like this

What’s the difference? Are there 2 versions? If so which do I have? Because personally I love the recessed circle in the Saturn dpads I have, it makes it really easy to do 360s and such. And the circular grooves hold your fingers really well. Do any of you guys have experience or knowledge of both of these?

Short answer, yes. The pad you have if I recall correctly is the earlier version whereas the second is the revised pad (the one I got with my Saturn). The second is the most popular model and the d-pad is great. I dont have any experience with the bulkier pad so I cant really comment on that.

I remember disliking the bulkier Saturn pads (compared to the model 2) when they came out. It’s probably been 10+ years since I’ve actually used one though.

I see. Are they really that much bigger? I mean at least they’re not like the OTHER Saturn pads, lol. Those 1 foot diameter monstrosities.

But anyways, I love the dpad and the size on the revision 1 Saturn pad. Then again I have big hands.

I always thought that the bulkier ones were US version, and the *much better *smaller ones were JP saturn pads. IMO the one i’m calling the JP saturn pad is the best in the buisness. Next pad as good would be the PS2 version of it. 3rd maybe would be the neo geo 6 button one. 4th maybe that gray pc control pad that started popping up when sf4 launched, 5th i think is actually the new madcatz lol, problem is that the madcatz ones break too easy.

lol made a video: [media=youtube]XDEjmg9xS_8[/media]

I bought two Saturn pads for my PS3 after failing to get on with the Madcatz fightpad but I don’t like those either. Am I the only one that has real problems consistently doing half circles on both pads? I actually prefer the DS3’s dpad because of it.

  • I have both versions of the Saturn pad. The smaller one is the original Japanese style controller with a black color scheme. The larger one is the Saturn controller that made its debut with the U.S. system. After a few years, they released the Japanese version in the U.S. and stopped making the U.S. style controller.

The d-pads and button feel are completely different with the Japanese version being much superior.