The Savage Land at Buffalo Wild Wings with KOF14 in the mix [47th between Broadway and 8th] NYC


Hello Ladies and Gents. We are hosting a TSL tourney at Buffalo Wild Wings August 27th located at 47th between Broadway and 8th.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 [Xbox360]
Street Fighter V [Playstation 4]
Kof14 [Playstation 4] - Facebook link to event - Link to video of the venue

$10 for people entering the tournament
$5 for Spectators

$10 for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
$10 for Street Fighter V
$10 Kof14

4pm Casuals start
5pm - Coach Steve vs Scamby Exhibition
5:30pm - Umvc3 tournament will start
6pm - Kof14 tournament will start
7pm - SFV tournament will start


Hit me up if you have any questions.