The SBO Japan Trip 2009 Blog Thread


Heard a fair few peeps are planning on going this year as well.
Might well be the sickest year of SBO yet.
I sense it will surpass the thrill of 2007 when RX’s team almost won it.
Messatsu, Thanatos, Pino in the final vs RX Vanao Koshun.


shut the fuck up :arazz:


Several people from Denjin Arcade, including myself, will probably be blogging our SBO trip.


I’m going to be flooding and blogging my trip as well.


Great. Look forward to your blogs.
By the way, it was RX Vanao and YSB. What a beastly team!
What we’d like to see is RX Vanao YSB go through to the GRAND final along with Thanatos Pino Messatsu.


I agree, Thanatos OCV every team to win SBO.

Fuck yeah, go Thanatos.


I wanna see Messatsu shove his fist up RX’s ass. I mean I love RX but I want to see this happen.


Who would you be backing? Vanao’s team or Thanatos’ team?

Its a tough pick. You’ve got Vanao who beasted recently with his Denjin Ryu. [media=youtube]wcIuxfGdDis&feature=channel_page"[/media].
Add YSB’s Hugo on top of that.
Then on the other hand you have the insanity of [media=youtube]Zcc8dTqflh8"[/media], then the aggressive Necro Pino and of course Messatsu’s crazed Urien.