The SC3 Thread: Part Deux

Well, the other thread has reached beyond its post limit so I created this one. Let the SC3 mayhem continue.

Rock is top-tier and smacks bitches around with his pimp boots. Aside from that, this game is a dissapointment.

PSP T5DR for Evo2k6!! Yaaay!!


I hope you were joking.

Rock is one of the worse if not the worse in the game.

Abyss is like the the best middle tier in history . . .tricks tricks tricks

I do have to say it is a bit of a challenge using Rock against my friends and winning once in a full moon. Which is sorta fun. ehh.

So, anybody here hitting up any major tourneys anytime soon?

There is no post limit. You just requested there be a new thread.

Nori, could it be possible to list those who qualified so far in the US nationals on here? Also, is it possible to list the character(s) that they used?

so yeah, i used to be a real big scII player, but this game just feels…bleh…is it just me or do people feel the same way? my roomates bought this game for my bday but i rarley play it…who is top tier in this game?

go back and read the old one.

  1. yes this game is struggling
  2. cassie/soph are top tier

I’ll probably be hitting the Toronto Regional. Was thinking of going to the Memphis one, but money’s tight and Toronto is closer to me.

That’ll probably be the last one I go to for a while, though.

For that list Gemini was talking about, go here (unless Nori wants to post it here :sweat: )

Nori can correct me, but so far I think there are 2 Xes, 2 Sophies, 2 Cassies, 1 Ivy, 1 Mitsu, 1 Asta, 1 Hwang, 1 Abyss/Setsuka, and 1 Oofmatic (he plays all sorts of characters, heh)

I will be going to Texas Showdown on the March 17-19 weekend. I don’t think I’ll be ready for that level of comp in SC3 but I will not go out like some punk bitch. I plan on taking this as a learning experience to better improve my skills.

erm i dunno if im top tier butim prettygood atthe game

the game wipes the floor with sc2 seriously all the steps are perfect, sc2was waaaayyyyy toofree and loose too loose, sc3 is loose for good players which is good

i prefer tekken 4 than 5 because 5 is too stiff so bleh… cant see people saying im biased to one play style

Only way to find out is to show up at a tourney. Otherwise, you’ll never know


There’s a Toronto SCIII scene? Where are the TO regionals?

what’s the sc canada site?

oh right

Wow SC is everywhere!!! this is great! so who does everyone use? i use Ivy am a flashy fighter i play the game and just make up some combos lol

I’d turn up at a UK tourney for a laugh (i’m probably mid tier or something with Sieg) but i don’t know if there are any tourneys near me.

reigonal quals were this weekend in atlanta.

rob/mick showed up but they were already guaranteed spots. sir smoov from bama won.

Well, Sig’s about mid tier by himself so were do you think that would leave you?

(Sig + Death Knight = Bottom Tier)

SCIII Arcade coming to US…interesting.

Con: I was asking the same question. I’m going to be heading up to Texas Showdown VI so I was seeing if any SCIII players from TX was going. I dont play anyone, but it would be fun to at least play some random games!