The Scene in Phoenix Arizona Area?

I’ve been lurking around SRK for about a year now and finally decided to make an account. Mostly because I’ve been thinking about getting into the fight scene here in Phoenix area. I’ve ran some searches and gotten a little bit of insight and information. But without context It’s hard to know what to sift through.

So basically I’m asking for help finding my way through the local scene. Any information anyone can give me about places in or near the east valley, such as popular places that regularly hold tourneys, or can point me towards any forums or threads that could help me would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for anyone who took the time to read this.

No need to make a new thread, AZ has a great scene and we have a thread, here is the link

If your gonna post around here, make sure you look around first.

Lol really? AZ thread is at the top of the forums! How did you miss it?

Sigh, I honestly have no idea. =/

Probably because instead of using my eyeballs, ya know the logical thing to do. I ran a search of “Phoenix Arizona” and got a bunch of threads that didn’t seem to have anything to do with AZ haha. That’s what I get I guess.

Thank you for the link Makaveli. Now I just hope this thread can quietly get buried with my shame haha.