The Scrub Matchmaking Thread

I’ve looked and I’ve asked, but I haven’t found a decent thread in which new players can post their details in one area and find players of a similar low skill level. I am one of those and having posted my details a few times, I’ve only added two people who never seem to play.

While Endless Battles is a great idea, the players in it destroy me in seconds. It isn’t doing me a great deal of good. It’s probably the same for others too. Playing against other new players will give us more mercy when we make mistakes, allowing us to realise those mistakes and correct them next time. A flash of combos and a perfect against us does little in aiding us.

This thread is designed for very new players to meet other new or beginner players who want to learn and practice.

Please post your Gamertag/PSN/PC ID, Platform, Region and version. I will update it regularly to appear in this post.

I hope this helps people :slight_smile:

Gamertag: Mepha
Platform: Xbox Live
Region: EU, UK.
Version: AE.

Please use online matchmaking for online matchmaking.