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I’m looking to get together a group of guys that are interested in grinding in Street Fighter IV regularly either in person in the San Jose area, via Xbox Live/PSN, or both, though mostly online. The goal is to take a genuine interest in each others’ progression and help each other level up with advice and match-up preparation, taking it on the road to the local tournies with an eye for the majors down the line.

The skill level that I’m interested in would be somewhere just under or around “intermediate”. I believe in the idea that to get better you need to play those that are better, but I also believe that there are diminishing returns at work. Progress may be more optimally achieved with a mixture of players who are a little better and a lot better than you. I believe there are a lot of players out there that have a lot to learn, but also something to teach.

If you are interested, please respond with your main character and whether you play on XBox Live, PSN, or both. Once we begin to get an idea of whether or not there is interest in this idea, and a head count, we can start organizing ourselves.

This is good, but what games do you plan on playing, and what area are you from?

Edited to include info.

Im down.


Fei Long player

Xbl: Lololololol hi

i main barack obama and m bison!!!

double post:

why online though? you live in san jose, and this is pacific north sections, meaning we are all prety local. i say if this gets serious, we should organize some meet cycling. IE we can each host small things or whatever.

i can sometimes have 1 or 2 people over to play on my sexbox so long as you are cool with my dog.

picture for reference:

Well some people (like me XD) can’t make it out too far for weekly events like this. So sometimes online is the best choice for the majority of the time. Once i get my car bought i’ll be able to make it to stuff like this all over california. But for now, san jose is just way too far for casuals. Anyone can add me if they want, i’m PSN only tho.


It’s always nice to play with locals online :bgrin:
PSN: Beoyans
I main Balrog :p:
Just tell me that you’re from SRK when you send the friend request or I won’t accept it.

I work in San Jose and I’m down to play on weeknights with a few days notice.

Otherwise, XBL: newbkills
Another Ryu player.

That’s best case scenario. My tiny apartment barely has enough room for me and mine, so hosting on my end is out of the question. Also, the frequency I had envisioned some of these crack sessions makes playing online ideal. Two or three times a week can be bothersome with travel, even locally.

Once we get things rolling, we can work out logistics for in-person sessions.

I’ll leave this up a while longer to attract more heads and names, then I’ll start banging out the details and contacting people.

Everyone here should go to the weekly Sacramento and Fairfield tournaments.

What he said. Come and give Davis your fight monies. :tup:

Tell me more please I am intrigued! Any tourneys for Brawl or MvC2?

where in davis do tourny’s happen? muga? crepe house? lol. i go to davis about 2-3 times a month to visit my girl for a few days.

Sacto son!

sac town eh, ill see wassup

When’s the next one??

play me i suck

PSN: Ephraum

i use dhalsim, balrog, ryu, fuerte

Nor Cal Weeklies:



Davis: Thread coming soon!