The Sean Video Thread

Here is a little compilation of all the Sean Vids ive seen.

some scrubs:

guy named Seanawsome who uses sean in Florida Tournies he is pretty good.

some youve probably seen already:

Filefront files of Perrysean fights

Feel free to post more if you find em.


Agh! Filefront sucks no offense. Couldn’t you upload the vids on or

Nice vids. Though the “seanawesome” tourney is full of scrubs. I don’t get it, he has a full 3 stocks of hadou burst, and what does he do when he parries the last hit in Chun’s SAII? The mp-hk chain? WTF!??

EDIT - LOL the reset -> Hadou Burst actually worked! And I don’t think that Ken/Ryu knows that Q’s taunts increase his defense.

Those Filefront videos dont belong to me but i will see if i can upload them to a better server site. :wgrin:

There were some good Sean players on some HKSF vids I had. Like…they were wrecking good Ken players and stuff with Sean. Probably the only solid competitive Sean footage I’ve ever seen.

Is Too Simple…if a tourney is full of Top tier scrubs,the best way to fight them is with pokes n_n.


this one’s pretty impressive

Yeah I’m glad I uploaded that. I cant stop watching it.

Here is my vid for thread

if someone could please tell me a program to record that wont slow the gameplay down i could show yall me using sean agains t kailera people

is that legit?
because that certainly wasnt a guard break

One more

me using sean

part 1

part 2

the one madsix posted is actually pretty interesting. The rest are terrible.

pretty good stuff

Can the SA2 reset work in battle or can they throw you out of it?

I think when that guy in the vid used did it he was late on the dash and used a mp roll instead of a lp roll.