The Search for the Worst Mugen Match!

You ever go on Youtube and want to check out the latest SSF4 character match? Or you wanted to check out yesterday’s Ranbat? Then you see “? God Akuma Vs Final-G-Akuma ?” and think, “Hey, that sounds pretty cool let’s check it out.” And all you get is the shittest, laggest, blob of color of a video. This thread is dedicated for those who find a couple of laughs out of these videos.

We are on a search to find the worst ladies and gents, please post away with your submissions and let’s find that one that just makes us want to sit and read another “Stop Time” article…

Here are samples!:




I don’t think we should promote the idea of watching horrible videos with horrible content.
Maybe if there was some reason to watch it, or it was a video of the videos with more content or something.

Agreed with above.

May as well just be a regular Mugen thread. Here is my fave anyways.


oh my god this is fkn hilarious