The Secret Society and Dream Cancel Presents Battle Royale II

Here it is, the official announcement for the sequel of one of the most entertaining King Of Fighters tournaments in the Tristate area of 2014 on top of being a High Stakes affair. This event will be an official Dream Cancel Cup Premier Event and Top 8 for KOF XIII WILL be paid out.

Stream(s): Arturo “nycfurby” Sanchez of Team Spooky is confirmed to be streaming the event at as well as Team Kick-Punch-Block at

Prizes: As of right now for KOFXIII, a cumulative pot bonus of $500 is guaranteed sponsored by various community members as well as DreamCancel & The Secret Society throwing in their support and it may grow bigger with more time. The winner will receive a prize exclusive to them but there are plans to giving the Top 3 placers something exclusive that cannot be easily obtained which will be revealed later because surprises are good.

The King of Fighters XIII on Xbox 360, The King of Fighters 98 ran on Xbox 360, 98 UM:FE ran on steam, and The King of Fighters 2002 UM on Xbox 360.

Venue fee - $10
KOFXIII Entry Fee - $25
KOF98 Vanilla Entry Fee - $5
KOF98 UM:FE Entry Fee - $5
KOF2K2UM Entry Fee - $5

Top 8 for KOFXIII per percentage = 40-20-15-10-5-5-2.5-2.5.

Top 3 for KOF98: If less than 8 entrants then winner takes all, however if 8 or more enter, Top 3 will be 60-25-15.

Top 3 for KOF98UM:FE: If less than 8 entrants then winner takes all, however if 8 or more entrants enter, Top 3 will be 60-25-15.

Top 3 for KOF2K2UM: If less than 8 entrants then winner takes all, however if 8 or more enter, Top 3 will be 60-25-15.

KOFXIII - 3/5 Matches ALL TOURNAMENT, White Stage Banned, and only Loser can change order if they don’t change characters.

KOF98 - 2/3 Matches ALL TOURNAMENT, No game breaking glitches allowed, only loser can change character order.

KOF98UM:FE - 2/3 Matches ALL TOURNAMENT, no game breaking glitches allowed, only loser can change character order

KOF2K2UM - 2/3 Matches ALL TOURNAMENT, Boss Characters BANNED, and no game altering glitches allowed.

Signups for all games will START at 2:00PM and END at 3:15PM. Tournaments and events will official begin at 3:30PM

Stream Schedule: schedule
KOF98 UM:FE, KOF98 Vanilla Top 4 after KOF98 UM:FE, KOF2K2 UM Top 4 after KOF98 Vanilla Top 4, then KOF XIII High Stakes Singles matches until it ends Schedule
KOF XIII Exhibitions followed by KOF XIII Special team event, then either exhibitions in other games or MMs that people will want to have.

SETUPS - FIVE Xbox 360’s for KOFXIII will be needed with DLC characters for the entire event. TWO Xbox 360’s for KOF98, TWO laptop setups for KOF98UM:FE, & TWO Xbox 360’s for 2K2UM. I don’t like mentioning this but please no sticky fingers people, our community is small already & to have that would be a very terrible look plus you probably would want that done to your stuff either.
Also if you have facebook please check the event page as it will be updated more frequently. I will do my best to update on here but since that’s much more convenient for me to access you can see them on there

Copied & pasted from the Facebook Event thread:

“This is for KOFXIII Events PRIOR TO THE SINGLES EVENT so respond to these two questions:
TWO EXHIBITIONS, which will be First to 3, WILL be on stream & if people decide to make their bets between each other or spectators do then that’s fine. So with that being said, between people who we know are coming so far, what is a match between players that everyone would like to see generate some hype? If there’s a backstory or drama etc. then that would make it even better for viewers everywhere. Now when doing this, place the players who would you like to see face off and yes you can include yourself if you wanna prove something to someone, lol.
For a teams event would people rather have choice A, a Big Red Vs. White type ordeal where the winner stays for each team and it would be only one go around MEANING that whichever team would win first would win that event? Or choice B, a 2v2 Waseda Style Single Elimination UNTIL Grand Finals and that would be 2/3 sets, meaning one team has to win two sets?”